10 Funniest Things You Can't Unsee At Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are anything but mediocre.

Author: Prarthanagrover | Updated: May 4, 2016 8:38 IST

Indian weddings are anything but mediocre. You can spot an Indian wedding from a colony away by the choice of music they’ll be playing and the fireworks exploding as if it’s a national holiday. With all due respect, the characters from Indian weddings mentioned below are not fictional and share an uncanny resemblance with our loved ones.  

1. Ribbon cutting ceremony at an Indian wedding is a real thing! 


2. Someone will steal Groom’s shoes and get paid for returning it.


3. Give your diamond earrings a rest because there’s going to be a bling parade at the wedding.



4. There’s a reason why weddings have a crazy bar in India – drunken uncles!  


5. Aunties set themselves free and pull everyone on the dance-floor; the force here is stronger and stranger amongst all.



6. Make a queue for food, even though everyone will corner you at the counter without fail. 


7. The bridesmaids and saalis lose their inhibitions and put all Bollywood actors to shame.


8. Everyone will think it’s the Dulha who is celebrating the last day of his freedom, but it’s the Dulhan that’s crying all the time. 



9. The ‘’candid’’ photographer doesn’t intrude at all.


10. And then, there’s this kid!

Share your funny and favourite wedding memories with us in the comments below. 

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