20 Popular Caterers In India Under Rupees 1000

The streets of India bubble with unmatched delicacies and history.

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The streets of India bubble with unmatched delicacies and history. More than iconic architecture and remnants with stories, it is known and celebrated for its gastronomical journeys. If you are planning to get hitched, then food is one thing you definitely shouldn’t stress about.
We have curated a list of the most popular caterers in India that’ll serve the beauty of diverse cultures on your platter.


1. Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., Delhi NCR

Renowned for world famous hospitality and entertainment services, Old World Hospitality promises to cater to your every need. From hotels, restaurants, clubs and conventions to weddings – they provide one of the best services. All you have to do is give them the key to your ideation and the rest is done.

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2. Blend Spice6, Delhi NCR

Serving customers for more than 22 years, Blend Spice6 is synonymous with fine catering. Consistent with their deliveries and wow factor, they always provide quality services.

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3. Awadh Catering Services, Lucknow

For those with an unquenchable love for Mughlai food, Awadh catering services in Lucknow serve the best food with an aroma that’ll satiate your hunger. Authentic in taste and options, they bring the best to your plate.

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4. Elite Caterers, Hyderabad 

Hyderabadi cuisine and its street gluttony deserved a massive applaud from the rest of the world. Elite Caterers doesn’t need a special occasion to serve their best, and their commitment towards creating an excellent appetite is commendable.

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5. Atmosfire, Bengaluru

If your ceremony around Barbeque theme, then this place is your calling. A relatively new concept at Indian parties and themed weddings, they create an atmosphere of class and sophistication.

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6. Goldline Caterers, Chennai

Chennai-based Goldline Caterers have given a new meaning to exclusive outdoor catering. Served in food warmers, their buffet is absolutely finger-lickin'. 

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7. What The Truck, Delhi NCR

Mobile food trucks or food caravans are rapidly catching up with the wedding trends this season. Without serving on a per plate scale, now let your guests savour their meals and the event at these modern food trucks.

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8. Silver Apple, Ahmedabad

Indulge yourself in a food marathon and dive into decadence. Silver Apple is catering at high-end events, conventions and weddings for quite some time now. Their hospitality and food presentation  excellence.

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9. Star Choyz Caterers, Kerala

Star Choyz has quickly moved to the forefront of the catering and hospitality business in Kerala. Specializing in a  of delicacies, they’ll spoil you for choice and leave you craving for more.

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10. Frugurpop, Delhi NCR

Caterers have been revolutionizing the way food is being served at weddings and experimenting with different cuisines. Frugurpop has made a grand entry by introducing its audience to icy desserts.

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11. Food Fab Catering, Bengaluru

For an otherworldly culinary experience, Food Fab Catering takes you through a mouth-watering journey. They provide value for every dime spent.

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12. The Kings, Pune

There’s a bit of sweet tooth in all of us, and Pune-based The Kings takes care of it for us. Their tailor-made menus and tempting desserts got us drooling just by looking at the pictures.

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13. Good Food Concept, Delhi NCR

Indian weddings are quintessential parties in this country and so the bustle of music and food awaits us without fail. Calm down at that vivacious setting and enjoy a dollop of that chicken curry.

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14. White Owl Brewery, Mumbai

Customize the bar at your wedding with all that is funky and trending. White Owl Brewery is a Mumbai-based craft brewery that specialized in artisanal beer. The beer is brewed only by using finest natural ingredients.

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15. WeCare Food & Beverages, Bengaluru

Amidst all the wedding stress and celebrating rituals, food is one thing people look forward to the most. WeCare Food & Beverages aim to satiate your hunger pangs.

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16. Fossetta, Delhi NCR

In India, there is something for everyone. From the simmering bowl of butter chicken to the subtly decorated crabs, Fossetta serves delicious platters especially altered for wedding menus.

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17. I Spice, Delhi NCR

It is a herculean task to find the perfect menu for the wedding, but when you have options galore then worries jump straight outside the window. I Spice provide catering services for the foodie in us.

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18. Ideal Caterers, Kerala

A good wedding is nothing without good food. In the competitive industry of caterers and hospitality, Ideal caterers have started making home deliveries and it’s nothing but yummy piping hot food to kill those late night munchies during busy wedding functions.

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19. Crumbs To Gourmet Food Factory, Mumbai 

Based out of Mumbai and started by Chef Joel, Crumbs to Gourmet food factory is full of flavour and hilarious wedding anecdotes. They cater to large audiences and their menu draws exclusivity in Goan, Mediterranean, Mangalorean, Mexican and Indian food.

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20. Eggjactly, Delhi NCR 

Unlike the name, Eggjactly is much more than just eggs. A food truck that soon gained popularity in NCR after getting swayed by its quick service and scrumptious meals. They also do weddings, showcase a fresh experience for your guests this season.

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Let food be the light and soul of your wedding. Well, when is it not? Get more options only at Bandbaajaa.com

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