5 Warning Signs That Tell You Are With The Wrong Guy

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- Harini SV

Everyone’s on a quest for true love, to find the love of their life and have their ‘happily ever after’ with them. But in this pursuit for love, we often end up spending too much time on a person only to realise that he/she is all wrong for you, living in denial too blinded by the desire to have eternal love to realise that sooner.  We have all been there and done that but if you are having any kind of doubts then its time you buckle up and brace yourselves for the reality.

Uncertain about your relationship? Do not know how to tell if things are going south? No need to fuss Bandbaajaa.com is here with the answers, scroll down to find out five red flags that are hinting that you are with the wrong person.


1.  Wearing a mask

Overthinking everything you say instead of just blurting it out, feeling the need to put up a façade in their company, constantly twisting your personality and compromising to impress them, not feeling comfortable with them to be your true self and never feeling like you are good enough is a major sign. 

2.  Feeling suffocated

If you are feeling even an inkling of suffocation as if you were trapped in a cage, its high time you got out. Stifled dreams, muffled soul and suffocation, is the worst feeling in the world and in the long run your relationship will definitely turn sour but it can also be poisonous to your mental health. 

3. Exhaust you

You are never excited to see or hear from them because spending time with them exhausts you, draining you of energy and life. So you start looking for ways to avoid them or else spending time together becomes being physically together but doing very different things without any talking going on. While relishing time together in silence is great, this is completely different.

4. Non-stop fighting and Winning factor

All couples fight, in small dosages it is actually very healthy too but when it becomes an overdosage that’s where the problem arises. You seem to get into fights over the most trivial of matters and not for any other reason than to spark an argument. As if that weren’t bad enough , the argument isn’t is getting anywhere to the root of the problem and trying to find a solution but rather it’s about who wins and who gets to have the last word.

5. Not being able to envision a future

When you are dreaming about your future, you find yourself forgetting to include them and having to forcefully remember to add them instead of doing it automatically. If you are looking to get serious, inability to visualize a future together is a major sign that you are in a dead end relationship. 


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