5 Easy Steps To Lose 5 KG in 30 Days Without Gymming

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Losing weight before your wedding can be challenging and pressurizing. Anxiety levels are high, all thanks to the wedding jitters which makes one munch on to something or the other throughout the day! 

If you think the last resort to get rid of the extra flab is crash diets and gymming, well wait! Here are five easy steps you could follow at home to lose 5 KG weight in a month.


1. Cut Down on Sugar

No cakes, no juices, no mocktails, no alcohol and simply no sugar for a month. Cutting down on sugar can help you shed those extra kilos pretty fast. However, continue eating your regular diet and include more fruits to compensate for the sugar deficiency in your diet.


2. Have 5 meals instead of 3

No, here we don’t mean that you eat lunch twice! All you need to do is break down your food for the day into 5 meals. Also, consume a full meal only once in a day and resort to sprouts, salads, fruits etc for the rest of the meals. Please make sure that you do not consume anything atleast 2 hours before going to bed.


3. Feeling Hungry? Drink Water

There are days when you feel unusually hungry but that does not indicate that you eat more. Water has a tendency to make you feel fuller. Drink 2 glasses of water at a stretch to say goodbye to hunger pangs and hello to clear skin and a smaller waistline.


4. Have 2 Cups of Green Tea a Day

Green tea helps to increase your metabolism rate. Have one cup of green tea an hour before lunch and the other before going to bed. Make sure you do not add any natural or artificial sweetener to the tea. Also prefer loose tea leaves in place of tea bags.


5. Jog For 45 Minutes Every Day

Jogging or brisk walking should not be avoided when trying to lose weight. All of the four steps given above will only show results if you jog for atleast 45 minutes every day. Ideally, one should go jogging early in the morning. This will also keep you fresh and energetic throughout the day!


So, now you know how to fit into that designer dress without heading to the gym!
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Disclaimer - The results, however, might differ depending on your metabolism and other factors.


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