5 Hacks For A Perfect Wedding Selfie

Stand, smile, snap!

Author: Prarthanagrover | Updated: December 23, 2016 7:19 IST

Stand, smile, snap! More than music, it's the sound of the cameras that echo in the wedding mandaps of 2016. 'But more than professional photographers, it is selfies that have changed the entire wedding photography game,' says Raghu Lakshminaarayanan, Director of Photostrophe

We call Photostrophe the experts of Wedding Photography as their pre and post wedding photography, event photography, portraiture, travel photography and much more has not only won over the hearts of many brides and grooms but had also made the company an International award Winner for the best Celebration Photography.


In conversation with Raghu, we discovered that more than anything, it is wedding selfies that are trending in the wedding photography world and luckily, he had a lot to contribute as foolproof hacks that will give you a perfect wedding selfie! Read on to know what to do and what not to do if you want your selfie to be the hottest trending wedding capture on Instagram!


Bandbaajaa - What is the ideal pose for a flawless selfie?

Photostrophe - A wedding selfie is very different from that of a regular one. It is not only capturing you but an event. So, never hold the camera very close to your face and let your selfie capture the backdrop. Also, since you are decked up beautifully for the wedding, it's time to flaunt your dress and jewellery in your selfie. Hold the camera up on a height and pose straight for a flawless click!


Bandbaajaa - What is the ideal number of people a selfie should have?

Photostrophe - Since weddings are all about meeting and celebrating with friends, family, and acquaintances, a large group of 25-30 generally try to fit in one frame. But this makes the selfie look over crowded. Plus, due to poor resolution of mobile front cameras, it becomes difficult to recognize who's who! The maximum number of people a good selfie can adjust is 10. It is still advisable to keep the number as low as 5-6. 


Bandbaajaa - What is the latest trend in the world of wedding selfies?

Photostrophe - Wedding selfies are all about having fun on camera! Nor does 'Say Cheese'  work for a selfie neither does the done-to-death pout. The recent trend is to make funny faces by sticking out one's tongue. Also, when the groom and his gang are getting clicked, it's the tossing of the groom that most people want to capture!


Bandbaajaa - One aspect that cannot be ignored while clicking a selfie?

Photostrophe - Well, that one aspect without which a wedding selfie is incomplete is proper lighting. Yes, with better technology and an effective night mode feature, the quality of selfies has improved but it is highly advisable to face the light while getting snapped. This will ensure better resolution and in turn more clarity!


Bandbaajaa - What is your ultimate selfie tip for the bride and groom?

Photostrophe - When the rest of the guests are having fun, why should the bride and groom not! We say, hand over the camera to the taller partner (in most cases the groom), hug the groom, tilt the camera to bring the venue in frame and press the click button! And there you have a memorable selfie that you can cherish for a lifetime! 


Get set to flood your camera roll with endless perfect selfies!

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