5 New Year Resolutions Every Modern Couple Must Make Together

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The first day of every New Year is all about making resolutions and bringing about a positive change in your life. One is enthusiastic, ambitious and plans to grow as an individual in the coming year.

But if you are in a relationship, making resolutions alone is not enough. It’s a new beginning that should also strengthen the bond between you and your partner. To ensure that the love between you too deepens, here are 5 resolutions you must make together. Tailor-made for the couples of this generation, you can thank us later for making you do this!Keep Your Partner Above Technology


1. Keep Your Partner Above Technology

Technology, especially social media has become a very engaging part of our lives without realizing the damage it is doing to our social life and love relationships. Keep your partner as your first priority and take interest in their life more than what’s trending on Twitter.


2. Travel Together

Travelling and meeting new people is not only relaxation but it broadens the horizons of your brain. Travelling together helps you spend quality time and also brings you on the same page as that of your partner.  Leaving behind some beautiful memories, mark your calendar and take at least four trips together in 2017.

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3. Embrace Each Other’s Individuality

Couples usually complain that their partners want them to change but this notion needs to stop. Respect your better half for who they are and try and learn from them instead of molding them according to your whims and fancies. Give them their space, let them pursue the career they desire and embrace their individuality to make your relationship much stronger.


4. Start A Venture Together

No, a venture does not necessarily mean a big investment in a business but anything as small as a poetry blog or a cooking channel. Doing so in your free time will help you understand your partner better and give you a lot to cherish later in life. Well, you never know when you make this venture a highly paying business together!


5. Save Money

This resolution is for those couples who love to splurge and such couples make most of this generation. Save for the rainy days together so that you feel secure in your future. Saving together also makes you more responsible and mature preparing you for the endeavors you are yet to experience!


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