5 Most Popular Winter Makeup Trends of 2016

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'Makeup trends keep changing and techniques keep evolving and that is where the fun lies!' says professional makeup artist Monisha Bathija. Every occasion demands a different makeup look and so does every season. If neutral tones are meant for the warmer months, bold ones go well with the chilly winds. 

But usually, no woman is sure of the kind of makeup she should be wearing depending on the temperature. Well, Monisha Bathija has the answer. Being a renowned makeup artist in Mumbai for more than five years, Monisha told us five such trends she is totally drooling over in the winter of 2016.


1. Dewy Skin

Monisha personally loves to use dewy finish foundations on her clients instead of matte ones. She feels dewy skin looks much more natural and radiant and during the winter season, a healthy glow is what every woman longs for!


2. Glitter Liners

Available in abundant shades, glitter liners can totally amp up any look. Monisha suggests that you should keep it light with the eyeshadow (a slight wash of champagne gold eyeshadow or any light matte eyeshadow with a gold glitter liner) or go dark with the eye shadow and kill it with the sparkly line (black eyeshadow with a gold or silver glitter liner).


3. Strong Contours

Even though 2016 saw a variety of trends such as Nontouring and Tontouring, a strong contour still remains the ultimate favorite for Monisha and her clients. Be it a bridal look or regular party makeup, don't skip the strong contours. 


4. Strobing

Strobing has been a  huge trend which was by far the most successful one in 2016. Monisha quotes, 'Up your highlighting game by doing some strobe with some cream products and slay the night with beaming cheekbones.'


5.Matte Bold Lips

Oxblood, Purples, and Deep Reds have been raging all over the internet. But this winter, it's time to get out the matte's and have the perfect velvet
pout.The only rule to a classic matte lip according to Monisha is to 'NEVER HAVE CHAPPED LIPS.' Chapped lips always show through and make your lipstick look flaky.


So, when you get ready for your endless Christmas and New Year parties, keep these makeup trends in mind to make an effortless style statement. 

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