6 Commandments Of A Cost-effective Wedding

It is not that arduous to cut down the expenses and have quite an affair without burning holes in your pockets.

Author: Harini | Updated: April 5, 2016 9:41 IST

Marriage is presumed to be the precursor to a new phase in the journey of a human life. It’s that one event where no one holds back the expenses. All the shrewdness goes out of the window, and splurging indiscriminately is justified through the pretext of weddings being a one-time event. However, it is not that arduous to cut down the expenses and have quite an affair without burning holes in your pockets. 
Here are some easy hacks that you might find useful to plan your wedding in a cost-effective manner. 


The first step to making the right decisions regarding your wedding expenditure is to set a budget. You need to sit down, deliberate and weigh all possible avenues of expenditure. Set an individual budget for all expenditures and treat these budgets as sacred commandments. Adherence to these budgets will ensure that you don’t give in to your whims and fancies and spend on superfluous items.



On the face of it, this trick to cut down on the wedding costs will seem to be inducing expenditure itself. But hiring professional services to manage your budget is one of the wisest ways to keep a tab on the wedding expenditure. Wedding planners not only have invaluable experience in conflict resolution, but they also have a great level of industry knowledge, which will help you get the best deal.



It is imperative for every couple to be very clear about the hierarchy of their priorities. A small intimate wedding day in the company of the people you truly love, accompanied by a lavish and pompous reception party can prove to be an effective midway route. It all eventually comes down to the priorities of the couple.




While every function in a wedding harbors a significant meaning, it is important to understand which function should be organized as a grand affair and which one should remain a small cozy affair. Functions such as mehendi, sangeet and kirtan can be organized in a low-key manner.



Not every ‘designer’ piece of clothing guarantees flawlessness. Channelize the fashion designer that thrives in the mind of almost every girl, employ your creativity and design the wedding attires yourself. Not only is this super fun, it also ensures that your wedding attire is a perfect fit to your taste. Use the Internet to get acquainted with the types of designs that are flooding the market and create your own masterpiece to rock at your wedding. 



Don’t shut yourself up to the possibility of alternate wedding destinations. You can hire a farmhouse instead of going for a predictable and extravagant five-star hotel. You can also arrange for quaint holiday destinations and accommodate your guests in cozy bed and breakfasts hotels. 

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