7 Funny Things Every Groom Goes Through At His Wedding

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-Harini SV

Weddings are just as important for the groom as for the bride. Despite the popular belief, the groom too goes through a kaleidoscope of emotions during the wedding just as the bride does. Panicking, cold feet, exhilarating joy, irritation, pride, insecurities and a million other emotions go through him. And if you think not, then you are SO WRONG! Bandbaajaa has put together some funny thoughts that almost every groom has during his wedding, scroll down to find out.

1.*Breathe* *Breathe* phew….Don’t pass out. You can do this, you can get through this. It’s about to start. *extremely panicking *. What am I supposed to do. Smile! OMG, this is it!

2.Why is so darn hot here? Why did nobody warn me that sherwanis are so uncomfortable? I can’t breathe or move…urgh…it's itchy and tight too. I’m sweating bullets and this is filthy disgusting. Did I mention that this thing is uncomfortable and I hate, never wearing this again? Ever!

3.What is this pandit prattling about? I don’t understand one bit of this, is anyone else able to decipher it. He might as well be speaking an alien language. Can humans even speak that fast, is he human? Oops, look interested she’s looking. Does she get any of it?

4.My eyes are stinging so bad from all this havan smoke, I don’t think it’s healthy to be this close to it and breathe all this polluted air. Ugh, kill…when is this going to end I’m dying of hunger. I am SO exhausted and bored, some kill me. My jaw hurts so bad from smiling so much that too at complete strangers. Ouch! I just want some peace. How is she doing this that too with that lehenga and jewelry?

5.Don’t look, don’t look, the camera is there I can’t stop myself from looking, but I want candid photos and I will look very conceited and narcissistic if I’m always looking at the camera. That’s it keep smiling and don’t look. Why is that photographer taking pictures from there? That’s my bad angle.

6.I cannot take my eyes of her she’s looking so gorgeous. Stop smiling like a dopey fool she’s looking this way. Act normal. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that she’s almost my wife now. Can’t wait to take off and go on our honeymoon. Our kids are going to look Ama-ZING!

7.Did you hear that peeps, I’m a fricking husband now, I have a wife…. Yayyy . I can’t stop grinning. This beautiful lady is my wife, this is absolutely crazy. I am so happy.

All grooms have these thoughts, at least some of them, if not all.

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