7 Hilarious Relatives At Indian Weddings No One Talks About

If you have attended enough weddings in India, you’d be able to relate to the unforgettable events that occur on this ceremoniously day.

Author: Alice | Updated: May 7, 2016 1:27 IST

If you have attended enough weddings in India, you’d be able to relate to the unforgettable events that occur on this ceremonious day. The big day is just as important for all the relatives as it is for the couple. It can be stressful, like picking out your oh-so-appropriate outfit, matching accessories and proper no-filter-needed looks. You’ll be experiencing anxieties, hyperactivity, sleep deprivation and even nausea.
Over a cup of coffee (read = shots of jagerbombs), we have been discussing the types of relatives at Indian weddings everyone always forgets to talk about! 

1. That one girl who is more excited about her outfit than the bride!

This one gets high on nothing in life but the number of likes she acquires on her social media account. She will pester the living hell out of you till you give her the exact date of the wedding, only so she could get her perfect attire stitched on time.


2. Groom’s unrealistically raunchy mates! 

These boys are all about the booze and the ladies. From car-o-bar to that last bottle of champagne, these Ranveer Singh fanatics are the original motor-mouth characters. With every drink, they slowly un-see the thin line between smooth and just stupid. 


3. Generous aunties loaded with cash! 

Yes, you read that right. This phenomenon is mostly seen during the shagun ceremony. 


4. Uncles who shell out an insane amount of cash at baraat!

Doesn’t matter if their kids have been asking for an increased pocket money, these uncles are happy, drunk and want to empty their cash.



5. The alcohol tanker!

These guys are the sole reason why there are only limited drinks left at the bar post-pheras.  


6. The irritating dance performers!

They like to call themselves entertainers and they couldn’t be more wrong. These talent-show creators are the real reason why Indian weddings have to be so long. Next time they dance on more than one song, you judge them by scores!


7. The judging committee!

These people judge everyone and everything about your wedding. From the couple to décor to food and music, they are the ones who have been asked to attend your big day forcefully.

How many of these characters have you witnessed at Indian weddings? Drop in your comments below and sign in to get the latest updates on weddings.



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  • Sachin Tomar
    What about that Uncle who takes all the load of monitoring every preparation even without being asked to do it. The relatives and friends who would have more photographs clicked than the Groom horse The relatives who would keep shouting talks in bride's/groom's ears which have no relevance about the wedding, like how much they love you and all/
  • Krishna Iyer
    Please Please don't waste our valuable time.

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