8 Unusually Beautiful Destinations In India You Should Be Getting Married At

The recent years have witnessed a massive upsurge of destination weddings in India.

Author: Radhika Verma | Updated: May 7, 2016 6:58 IST

The recent years have witnessed a massive upsurge of destination weddings in India. People have started to prefer this way of nuptials as it is relatively stress-free and provides quality time to be enjoyed with the loved ones. Tie the knot at one of these least expected destinations in India and succumb to its raw charm. 

1. Hampi -  The lost city of Asia

The erstwhile capital of the Vijayanagara Kingdom, Hampi has calmly melted within the city of ruins and has achieved a glorious name for history lovers. Dotted with religious significance, celebrate your wedding day at what is considered, the largest open monument. 

2. Shillong -  In the abode of clouds 

A wedding with minimalistic touch and only for the special people attending your big day – Shillong is one of the best destinations in India that offers an untouched and serene ambience. Rated as India’s favourite hill station in 2016 by HolidayIq.com, this place is a sure gateway to heaven. 

3. Pushkar – The charm of the Holy lake

Unlike other awe-rendering cities of Rajasthan, Pushkar doesn’t just dwell in colours and royalty of the bygone era. People pay their visits for spiritual purposes and to gain a different exposure that is not witnessed anywhere else in India. Get a chic tie-dye pre-wedding party this season. 

4. Coorg – Picture-perfect memories in unreal Coorg

A quick getaway from Bangalore, Coorg is another example of lush beauty set amid the Western Ghats. Famous for acres of coffee plantation, offer your wedding guests one of its kind coffee.  Although Coorg is all nature in its existence, but adventure-loving couples are also planning to go overboard with their destination wedding. 



5. Jahaz Mahal, Madhya Pradesh - Orchestrated in architectural beauty! 

Jahaz Mahal aka ship palace stands lengthwise in a narrow strip of land between the waters of the Munja and Kapur tanks, the palace is in the shape of a ship. Historically, the palace is associated with the love story of the last Sultan of an erstwhile state of Malwa, Baz Bahadur and his beautiful consort Roopmati. Start your own story at this remnant of love. 


6. Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh - Quilted with lush oasis! 

Pachmarhi, also known as the ‘Queen of Satpura’ is another gem of a destination in Madhya Pradesh. Situated at a height of 1100 m in the Satpura range. It abounds in waterfalls with crystal clear water and homes the gorgeous Pachmarhi Lake. Pachmarhi makes for a perfect wedding destination amidst the beauty and serenity of nature which can be described as a heavenly bliss, to say the least. 


7. Kovalam, Kerela - Southern cultural immersion! 

Giving Goa a run for its money, Kovalam is counted as one of the best and unusual wedding destinations in India. It is an internationally renowned beach with three adjacent crescent beaches i.e. - the Lighthouse beach, the Hawah beach and the Samudra beach. An ideal location for a beach wedding with the blissful sight of the sea waves lashing on the rocks and an endless array of coconut trees. It has plenty of diverse leisure options as well ranging from sunbathing and swimming to herbal body toning and massage. 


8. Mount Abu, Rajasthan - Quench your thirst for the exquisite! 

Mount Abu is a popular hill station in the Aravalli range in the Sirohi district of Rajasthan. It is often referred to as “an oasis in the desert’ as its heights are home to rivers, lakes, waterfalls and evergreen forests. Besides being one of the most sought after tourist destinations, it is counted as an unusual yet breathtakingly beautiful location for a destination wedding in India. 

These heavenly destinations with ethereal natural beauty and numerous tourist attractions would certainly make your wedding one of a kind. 



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  • Muralivaidyam
    Why give these places so much publicity. Please exclude Coorg, Bengalooroo and Mysore . We have enough / had enough of migrants . We do not even want tourists here . Sorry. All except natives are most unwelcome
  • Shiva
    @Muralivaidyam - As much as I appreciate your concern for the environments of Coorg, Bengalooroo and Mysuru (why Mysore!!), there is no such thing as stopping migrants - I'm from Madurai, very similar to Mysuru. For centuries it has faced the onslaught of migrants - Sourashtrians, Telugus, Naickers, Moslem Sulaimans - each one came and brought with them their fabric of culture and social behaviour. Now there is no more Native Madurai people. But that is what society is made of.

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