Bridal Special - How To Get In Shape Before Your Wedding

Holla atchya lazy brides, this one is for you!

Author: Shreiyakhanna | Updated: July 20, 2016 5:59 IST

Holla atchya lazy brides, this one is for you! Since the wedding preparations can take a toll on everyone involved and invited, brides have much more on their plate to be stressed about. First and foremost, it’s the desire to look absolutely gorgeous on the big day or for every ceremony for that matter.
We love you the way you are, but if some of you are still concerned about losing that extra weight and going an extra mile, then this is what you need to know to get in that perfect wedding-ready shape!


This is when you get a jump start on things and jot down your fitness plan. Cut down on your calorie intake but don’t settle for a crash diet, which won’t be helpful for long-term goals. Add a lot of vegetables to your bucket and superfood items such as broccoli and eggs to get wedding-ready. Adjusting to your new eating habits will help you achieve that sculpted body for the wedding.



While it is easier to cut down on calories and simply go for a diet, but the best way to get into shape is by sweating it out. Get enough beauty sleep and don’t over-exercise, keep it to the minimum and focus on areas that need toning. Be selective with your workout also, if you don’t need to go to the gym, then still to yoga or some other form of fitness.



Workout like any other form of physical activity will leave you soaking up the adrenaline rush and this rush is what will make you want to get in shape as soon as possible. However, you’ll need to come to terms with a fact that without setting realistic goals, this won’t be possible. Proper healthy diet and focusing on your problem areas is the best way to start this process.




How many times have we seen our favourite actors posting videos of their workout regime on social media for much-needed inspiration? Their aim has always been to deal with problem areas first, which will eventually lead to a contoured body overall. Kick start with a twenty-minute exercise to keep your mind and body synced.



Whatever you do, don’t forget to put together your best look once in a while (why not every day?) and party hard. Learn to love yourself, irrespective of your body size. 



A bite-sized chunk of cheese or dark chocolate is something you’d need after a week of burn out. Be happy with your results and celebrate your triumph with a cheat day. Remember staying fit is not about discipline, but it’s about desire. 

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