Top 10 Caterers In Hyderabad For Your Wedding

In India, the streets hold a significant amount of cultural value.

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In India, the streets hold a significant amount of cultural value. It is raw and unmodified, something you just can’t ignore and something that’ll present you with a different perspective every time. This is where you get the best (and the worst) of the city as well. Hyderabad is a well-known IT hub in the country, and so designed perfectly for foodies.
We did the legwork and listed top 10 caterers in Hyderabad for a delicious wedding menu.


1. Elite Caterers, Hyderabad 

This city is a sumptuous paradise for non-vegetarians and Elite caterers know that very well. Despite incorporating a well-planned wedding menu, they don’t mind going an extra mile to satisfy their customers and leave them with an unconditional smile.

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2. Flavors of Deccan, Hyderabad 

Considered as one of the best in the city, Flavors of Deccan promises to live up to its name. From irresistible biryani to authentic flavors of Hyderabadi cuisine, brace yourselves for a great gastronomical journey.

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3. Aleena Caterers, Hyderabad 

Serving customers since 2006, this catering service has made a mark for itself in the city of Nawabs. Loyalty has been their partner along with spices and other flavors from the platter. Take out your spoons and dig in sans worrying about any other wedding preparation.

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4. Shams Caterers, Hyderabad 

In India, there is something for everyone sorted by the diversity in their plates. Hyderabad is yet another city in the country that offers some of best food choices to pamper your guests at weddings. The city is not just about royalty, it is also about good food.

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5. Gaurav Caterers, Hyderabad

Take a dive into the culinary world of Gaurav Caterers. They have been catering to people’s choices for more than 29 years now, and their spectacular presentation and perfect aroma are the only two things which kept them going.

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6. Fast Caterers, Hyderabad 

Get the perfect taste of Punjabi and sorted South Indian cuisine whilst sitting in Hyderabad. From menu tastings to chef stations, now upgrade the way the menu is being served at weddings and stylize it for your guests to make a remarkable impression.

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7. Aishwarya Caterers, Hyderabad 

Perfect for vegetarians, Aishwarya Caterers only serve authentic vegetarian North and South Indian cuisine. Having serving people impeccable menu and service for more than 10 years now, they are known for their flawless catering.

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8. RK Caterers, Hyderabad 

This is another catering service in Hyderabad known for their finger-licking vegetarian cuisine. From setup and serving staff to full-fledged buffet and desserts, RK Caterers is considered one of the best in the catering industry.

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9. Gayathri Catering Services, Hyderabad 

Hyderabadi cuisine and its street gluttony is one thing you just can’t avoid on your visit to the city. Indulge yourself in a food marathon with Gayathri Caterers and satiate your craving for a filling wedding menu.

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10. Atul Caterers, Hyderabad 

Atul caterer’s warm hospitality and service are synonymous with classic Hyderabadi cuisine and culture. They have devoted an entire team to build a brand image that is widely popular in this city of Nawabs. 

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