Emotions Every Bride Goes Through On Her Wedding Day

A wedding is for women what an amusement arcade is for men.

Author: Alice | Updated: November 1, 2016 11:11 IST

A wedding is for women what an amusement arcade is for men. It’s one of hell of a ride that everyone loves to hate and hates to love. Since Indian weddings celebrate the glory of the new couple by organizing different functions, brides experience a potpourri of emotions and it’s hard to control during such a majestic fiesta.
If you are the ultimate bride-to-be this season, then these are the emotions you are bound to feel on your wedding day.


1. Excited! 

Finally! It’s your wedding day. The big day as others might call it, and it’s finally here. All your planning and decision-making will be executed the day you get married. You have shopped, shortlisted and compromised on finding the best-suited items and ensembles for your D-day.


2. Overwhelmed! 

People have a hard time accepting things that overwhelm them. Okay, I just paraphrased Bob Dylan, but couldn’t agree more. You are going to embark upon a new journey with your better-half and so you are bound to feel overwhelmed.


3. Dazed and confused! 

No bride can keep her chill when things are all over the place floating like unmanageable thoughts. This could also be because of sleep deprivation and not consuming the right amount of food.


4. Exasperated! 

If you misplace something or forget to check something off from her mandatory to-do-list, expect a furious bridezilla to react anytime soon. Don’t, I repeat just don’t mess up something if she has given you one job.


5. Zombie bride!

This one just wants a good nap and food in her tummy. She is tired of running around, trying to set things straight. If she is keeping her cool that’s because she doesn’t care much and only wants the big day to get over soon flawlessly, of course.


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