Here's How A Bride Should Pack For Her Honeymoon

Most people look forward to this phase more than their wedding day.

Author: Sumanyasehgal | Updated: August 26, 2016 7:27 IST

Most people look forward to this phase more than their wedding day. If this is true for you, then you must have already started packing for your honeymoon. Traveling with your partner after marriage erupts a different feeling altogether, and so this has to be just perfect, irrespective of the place you are honeymooning to. A beach moon or a city moon, this is what you need to pack for your trip.


1. Add items as per your destination 

You can travel anywhere you like and let the road and the stars be your guide, but do the minimal and be prepared. Tweak your luggage and vanity box according to the choice of your destination. Pack wisely, pack weather wise.


2. Don’t forget the essentials  

These are called essentials for a reason. The sunscreens, flip flops, lip balm, sunglasses, kohl pencil, a dependable jacket for a chilly evening, a sturdy pair of shoes for impromptu camping nights, tampons/sanitary pads and a comfortable swimsuit. Exhibit point one and tweak these essentials as per your destination.


3. The important documents 

Make sure that you are carrying all your required documents and permits before heading out to explore the world with your partner. Carry a photocopy of your important papers and passport size photos for emergency purposes. After all, you don’t want trivial things to ruin your trip, do you?


4. Avoid carrying expensive items

From precious jewellery to your precious MacBook, avoid carrying items that’ll make you regret for a mighty good time if they get lost.


5. Sensual scents and lingerie  

Needless to say, you had this in your honeymoon checklist anyway. Don’t miss the chance to spice up your married life with new quirks.


6. DIY medicine kit 

Make sure you are carrying all your vital medicines and allergy medicines with you. This is something a traveler would never miss to do. Go pro with your spouse and don’t let a minor health setback ruin your honeymoon. 

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