Here's How You Get The Traditional Bridal Look With A Modern Twist

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From decked venues to delish multi-cultural cuisines on the menu, and couture designers taking a plunge into marrying the traditional style of dressing with a modern touch; the wedding season is clearly twisting the trends this year.  Sounds festive and very Indian, doesn’t it?
Well, as long as the colours of glee keep exploding everywhere, we have nothing to worry about. Regardless of everything, the brides are still the real MVPs at this extravaganza. They make or break the show, and are now becoming even more experimental with their choices. To offer options galore, we have known some of the best makeup artists who performed all the legwork and it’s worth your time.

Bengaluru-based makeup artist and hairstylist, Shwetha Raju has shared a couple of words of wisdom on the bridal beauty that’ll make you rethink your beauty regime.
Specializing in regular and airbrush makeup, she draws inspiration from her client’s requests. Although her creative bend has always been towards achieving subtle makeup with finesse. Once a student of beauty and airbrushing techniques at London College of fashion, she has come a long way in the field.

Her style is minimal as per the requirements of the clients and only intensifies when she has to perform dramatic or expressive makeup that takes unconventional colours from the palette. Apart from her expertise in makeup, she also specializes in hairstyling.

Brides in South prefer heavily decorated braids and other hairstyles with a modern turn. Currently, she is busy acing the blend of traditional makeup artistry with unconventional standards of bridal beauty.

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Posted on: October 10, 2016 makeup artists, makeup artists in Bengaluru


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