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Minchu Studio specialise in couple photoshoots. Now conventionally, couple photoshoots meant a girl-boy getting themselves clicked 

Author: Prarthanagrover | Updated: February 24, 2017 10:09 IST

- Sumanya Sehgal


Someone has very rightly said, “Photography is about capturing souls than smiles”. It is very difficult to capture and secure the intention behind any activity. Like for example, to capture the kiss on the forehead by your mother or a tight hug from your father, anyone can get hold of a camera and click that perfect scene through his lens but to portray the emotion behind that kiss on the forehead or that hug so tight is extremely difficult. It is not a cake walk to bring the beauty and the delicacy of emotions on-screen. Minchu Studio is one such photography unit who is an expert in portraying the essence of love on a virtual medium. So, come! Let’s go on a virtual ride through Minchu Studio’s photography. 


Minchu Studio specialises in couple photo shoots. Now conventionally, couple photo shoots meant a girl-boy getting themselves clicked besides Forsythia(shrub), or a subtle lip-kiss of the bride and the bridegroom. But, don’t you think that’s way too mainstream? Well, Minchu Studio apart from capturing the couple moments also covers the couple along with their family. They believe that marriage is not only about the union of a boy and a girl but of two different families willing to be together, forever. They carry a wide range of equipment at the venue and all of them being of high quality. They click pictures that are traditional and fashion-based and the right word to sum it all would be “editorial”.


They believe that clicking pictures outdoors is no big a problem but to capture the moments inside with all the more tricky lights is too big a task. But hey! They take it as a challenge and prove to be the champions. Each and every picture clicked by the ‘Minchu Studio’ has a story behind it, an emotion that somehow was left unsaid but is too strong for negation. Their wedding film is not a boy and girl oriented kind of film but is traditional, and has a South-Indian touch to it with the most appropriate song in the background. 



So, all those couples who are looking forward to bring the essence of love through lens should definitely go for Minchu Studio and make memories for life. 

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Posted on: February 24, 2017 Minchu Studio, photography, clicks, picture, photo shoots, marriage, bride , groom


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