7 Signs That Tell You Have Found The One

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- Shreiya Khanna

In an ideal world, love life would look like a perfect romantic movie peppered with every emotion you could think of. Challenges will knock you over but it’s the compassion and sense of belonging that’ll convince you to stick around and not run away just yet.
Regardless of all that is said and almost done, love doesn’t have to happen in an instant click; it takes time and some extra effort. If you have been devoting hours and mindless daydreams to someone, then chances are that you really enjoy that person’s companionship but is he/she really the one you should marry?
Let’s find out!


1. Unbroken support

Whether you are moving away to a different place for studies or want to travel solo, you’d still be supportive and would know how to work things out. They appreciate you for being comfortable in your own skin and let patience stay the key point of motivation in the relationship.


2. You still respect the ‘’in’’ in independence. 

Don’t we all browse through ‘’forever alone’’ memes and wish we’d find someone, someday to share similar thoughts with. But in reality, once you find that person, the comfort is in respecting each other’s personal space. If he/she wants to travel solo or with friends, it’s shouldn’t make you mad anymore.


3. Your comfort level is over 9000. 

Your partner has witnessed you in your glory days but what’s important is if that person has seen you with messed up hair and sweatpants blowing nose and eating nachos in bed. It is days like these that matter when you have skipped going to the gym or to the parlor. It’s when love brews to be the strongest.  


4. It’s all about effortless romance. 

You don’t always plan dates anymore. It can be Netflix and chill or just going out for a couple of drinks at your favorite bar nearby. The romance is effortless but you still know you to up your sex game.


5. Unwavering trust 

A binding covenant of any successful relationship is undoubtedly trust. Trusting someone with all your heart is hard work but it takes effort and honesty to achieve that. You know you have found the one when your jealousy level has deteriorated to an extent that it almost doesn’t exist.


6. You are never out of sync. 

Whether its music, movies, books, politicians, Kardashians or football – you know your partner in and out and no one can mess up your game here. You synchronize better than google drive and your thoughts always run on the same wavelength. 


7. You talk about it. 

Unlike insecure couples, your relationship is bounded by trust and compassion. Instead of putting things under the rug, you let it out in open and make due changes and adjustments that’ll only be better for your relationship.  


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