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- By Sumanya Sehgal

It is a dream of our childhood to look elegant, bold and beautiful as we grow up to be a bride and as we progress, we try every little way available, take all those beauty advice too seriously, and even follow them without fail. But when it comes to bridal makeup, we desire to book the best bridal makeup artist. brings for you  Bangalore’s amazing and extremely talented bridal makeup artist, Tamali Das. She is the ultimate queen of the makeup industry and knows how to make the journey all the more beautiful for you.

The latest techniques that she has started using is doing makeup in full High Definition (HD). In full High Definition, the layer of applied makeup does not look like a mask or the face does not appear to be artificial. Rather, the whole face look appears to be more of as a second skin. The whole of the makeup gets amalgamated with the color of your skin. And the best part is that all of this application of makeup in full High Definition (HD) is done manually. Well, we cannot doubt the power and the magic created by our fingers than those extravagantly expensive makeup brushes.

When it comes to the brands that Tamali Das has been using on her brides, we get to know that she believes in keeping her brides inapprehensive and content and applies products which are universal and are certified, as in, they have been tested on many skins and are renowned in the makeup industry. The two main cosmetic products that you will find in her makeup kit are MAC and Makeup Forever. Well, who has not heard of these brands? They are really so popular.


Tamali Das is specialized in hairstyles, draping, and bridal makeovers and she will not let you go empty handed, as in, she will gift you a box full of beautiful memories, happiness, and bridal bliss.*all smiles*

So, hurry! Book Tamali Das Makeovers now, at this very moment, without any delay, without any second doubt, only on

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