This Is How You Should Take Care Of Your Jewellery

All precious, glittery things that we love comes with a price and trust me, it’s not just the price tag hanging off that piece of art.

Author: Shreiyakhanna | Updated: July 26, 2016 6:54 IST

All precious, glittery things that we love come at a price and trust me, it’s not just the price tag hanging off that piece of art. You deserve the best only if you know how to take care of the best things that are bestowed upon you. Jewellery has become more of a lifestyle choice than just a collection of accessory that both women and men like to adorn.
To experience a lasting and worthy experience with those carefully selected fine jewellery for your treasure trove or trendy street jewellery, we have curated a list of the best and easy tips to take care of your jewellery!


1. Gold jewellery

Gold as a precious metal holds a place of great importance in history. The metal was given such significant value because of its relative rarity, easy handling and resistance to corrosion and colour distinction. Even though gold doesn’t get tarnished as easily as silver, it does lose its sheen over a period of time. To keep your gold jewellery ever-shining, try these easy tips at home.
- Take a tablespoon of detergent and ammonia, mix these two in lukewarm water and clean your jewellery with a brush with soft bristles.
- On second thought, if your gold jewellery is studded with precious gems then don’t use the brush. Use a clean, wet cloth instead.

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2. Diamond jewellery 

What stars are to the sky, diamonds are to a lady with a classy demeanour. From Koh-i-Noor to the world famous, Hope diamond – we consider these precious cut-uncut gems as the most valuable piece of jewellery. If you want to enjoy these unusual pieces of art forever, then you better keep them under high maintenance. Try these easy-peasy tips at home to preserve your diamonds. 

- Usually, one can buy quality cleaning solution from high-end stores for jewellery maintenance. But if you really want to try home tips, then mix ammonia with lukewarm water and soak your jewellery for about 20 minutes. 
- Use a soft cloth to clean.

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3. Silver Alloy jewellery 

Silver Alloy jewellery has always been in high demand among girls for a sassy look. Also known as Tibetan Silver, alloy jewellery can lose its sheen and colour over time. If you like your junk jewellery and want to preserve it for a lasting experience, then try these easy care tips at home. 
- To prevent tarnish, avoid wearing silver alloy jewellery during monsoon season and keep them stored in an airtight container instead. 
- Apply common toothpaste over a soft bristle brush and scrub gently for best results. 

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4. Brass Jewellery 

As a mix of copper and zinc alloy, Brass is gold in colour. It is cheaper than gold and comes in many exquisite designed adorned with light stones in different colours. Brass jewellery is always an excellent option to style with your look whenever you want to explore some gold. To keep them in good condition, brass requires some effort.

- Take a bowl and fill it with warm water. Add some mild soap or detergent in the water and soak your jewellery for about 15 minutes. 
- Use a soft bristle brush to clean. Finally, take a clean, soft cloth to clean the jewellery. 
- You can also use vinegar, salt and flour to clean the brass jewellery. Adding flour will help you make a paste. You can scrub off the tarnish using a brush and finally clean the jewellery with warm water.

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5. Pearl jewellery 

Pearls much like other forms of exquisite jewellery have a very rooted and cultural significance. It has been used to adorn clothes and jewellery extensively. Simple in appearance, pearls are valued for its rarity. Preserve them as a part of your family heirloom by using these easy home tips. 

- Mild soap and lukewarm water will work perfectly fine for pearls. 
- Soak them for 15 minutes and clean using a dry, clean cloth. 

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