This Is What A Typical Indian Wedding Menu Looks Like

Of the many amazing gastronomical gifts that this country has bestowed upon us, a standard Indian thali has obviously become a popular talk of the hour.

Author: Radhika Verma | Updated: July 13, 2016 7:51 IST

Of the many amazing gastronomical gifts that this country has bestowed upon us, a standard Indian thali has obviously become a popular talk of the hour. Barring all the drama and emotional mayhem we may experience at weddings, food is the only constant that lures our senses to actually make an effort of dressing up.
Indian weddings prepare an exquisite menu that is simply mouthwatering and we still can’t get enough of it, but there are a few fixed delicacies that are basic yet worth savouring.


The traditional high of a Paneer Pakora 

A desi high for all the vegetarians and teetotalers, this bite-sized appetiser gets over within an hour’s time at any Indian wedding. No wedding is considered well thought-out and happy if there are no Paneer pakoras.


A juicy platter of Kebabs 

This is what we’d like to call a typical Indian party snack. Once served as a delicacy at Moghul courts, this soon became a popular street treat and a favourite pick at weddings. Kickstart your appetite at weddings with some tempting kebabs. 


Unbeatable spicy bowl of Dal Makhni

Welcome to the main course! A delicacy in North India, Dal Makhni is originally from Punjab so it has to be a mélange of butter, spices and more butter. This Punjabi dish is one dish every Indian savours till the very last drop of its gravy.


A Punjabi’s answer to KFC is butter chicken 

Whether you are going to a wedding in India or you are simply a globetrotter exploring cities through cultures and tastes one platter at a one, Punjabi murgh makhani is one item that should be on your tasty checklist. Dipped in gravy and sautéed in spices, butter chicken is a typical Indian dish people drool over.


Biryani is your aromatic stairway to heaven

Biryani is the Nutella of Indian food – it is an evergreen classic. The magic of this irresistible dish lies in its taste that’s different yet a must-try in every language. From Muslims to Bengalis, biryani is our authentic check on taste. If at weddings, try to attack the buffet before anyone else.


Sweet gollop of a hot Gulab Jamun 

If you can’t think of devouring gulab jamuns at an Indian wedding then clearly you haven’t been to one. A sweet end to the raunchy night of madness and hailstorm of blessings, gulab jamun is the ultimate go-to option if you are a sweet tooth.


Kulfis and Faloodas as the ultimate icebreaker 

Move over chilled beer, traditional Indian ice cream aka kulfis and faloodas will handle this joint. Make some space for mind freezing matka kulfis in diverse flavours and faloodas.

Desi Chow mien for the love of Chinese

Indians have adopted a hundred things from other cultures but honestly, who hasn’t? In an attempt to make almost everything ‘made in India’, weddings are the only place that explodes every true element of our culture. Chow mien or noodles are items found on every plate. Thought only the Chinese love the noodles? Think again!

Move over Vodka shots, because we do only Gol Gappa shots 

When you find yourself in the middle of an Indian wedding, there is always that one stall which’ll be the most crowded. Typically, the gol gappa stalls are the answer to beat every quick hunger pang. Bringing this street treat to your luxury wedding affair will only make it classier.

Shahi Paneer- The most gravilious veg dish ever 

Shahi paneer is to vegetarians what butter chicken is to meat lovers. The dripping hot gravy with bite-sized chunks of paneer is perfect to create the ultimate glutton crime and guilty as charged, we absolutely drool over it.

India’s answer to cheesecake – Dahi Bhalla 

Your cheat sheet to desi chaats in India and your unapologetic guilt-free break from healthy food, dahi bhalla is our favourite recipe. Available at every Indian wedding, this tangy flavoured dish is your gateway to gastronomical heaven.

Paan is our authentic mouth freshener 

You spot an Indian with a paan; you know you’re at the right place. Sink your teeth in and devour this Indian delicacy in one huge bite. Paan comes in different styles and with different ingredients but it never fails to leave you in awe with its aromatic essence.

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