This Is Why Couples Therapy For Millennials Is Important

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Abundant of quotations are written about relationships every day. There are books and multitude of researched thesis that explain the essence and value of relationships for maximum output to survive the daily life. Now that we have various social media portals, millennials don’t shy away from expressing themselves using analysis and their own experiences.

While our brain traverses through a truckload of knowledge every day, people still fail to hold on to relationships. Socializing is the new playground for friendships and dating has become rather mediocre in approach. The problem with millennials is that we are still wired to the same dating scene which consists of persistence, trust, and compassion.

However, the newly formed rules by us that come with the certain number of expectations have turned us into a completely confused breed. Independent and intelligent, the people of today know what they want, but with conditions applied.

Relationships require work, plain and simple. It needs more than just adjustments and it doesn’t have to take a decade to know whether the person making coffee for you right now is the right one or not.

According to Ugrow, relationship experts as they call themselves believe that counselling in any kind of relationship is vital for its growth. Due to an unexpected rise in divorce rates in the major cities of this country, couples should move ahead from courtship and before taking the vow to spend the rest of their lives together, they should consider pre-marital counselling.
Founded by Jyotika Bedi and Richa Hora, Ugrow provides professional relationship counselling using different psychological tests and training sessions. It is part of their Global women group community, which was started six years ago and has over 500+ women as an active part of this community.

You are most vulnerable when you are in love, but just don’t sit back and let things happen. Take a step and change things yourself for a healthy married life.

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Posted on: August 30, 2016 Ugrow, couples therapy, pre-marital counselling, dating, marriage, millennials


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