7 Types of Brides Found Only in India

A bride is a common denominator in every wedding!

Author: Prarthanagrover | Updated: August 4, 2016 8:37 IST

Every wedding tries to maintain its individuality but one thing that is still a common denominator to hold this entire event together is the bride. These brides are the reason behind every expressive theme and idea for the wedding. Be it a big fat luxury wedding or an intimate affair planned on a secluded little pretty island, these are too many of these amazing brides and we bet you must have encountered them all! 


1. The crier!

Like I said, the bride is the center of attention at any wedding. From her look to her bridal ensemble, every gossip is surrounded around her. Some nosy aunties might even try to dig out some masala news from her past to gossip over a cup of tea. Even after being in the limelight, it is essential for a bride to cry. The sentiments should simply pour out like a waterfall and everyone should confirm how big of a sacrifice she is making.


2. The Haute couture bride! 

This is a bride coming straight out of a runway. She would shortlist every bridal couture designer in town. As a crazy fashionista, she has been creating a sketch of her bridal ensemble ever since she was a teenager. Now that the day has finally arrived, be sure to send her the latest lookbooks of designers to calm her down.


3. The badass bride! 

She is one that has the remote control to everything; not to mention to everyone’s feeling as well. The badass bride spreads positivity like any other, but she knows when to be indifferent and when to care. This one will dance whenever she feels like. She will eat whenever she feels like. 


4. ‘’I want a grand honeymoon’’ bride! 

Listen up grooms! If, during your courtship period you have seen symptoms like planning spontaneous travel plans or random dinner/drinking scenes. You should know that you are marrying a travel freak. A wanderer who didn’t want to settle down but for you, she made an exception. The love is real and so is her wish to explore every corner of the world with you. This bride doesn’t care much about a big fat wedding, as long as her honeymoon is sorted. 


5. The one with OCD! 

Yes, she has OCD. She might just be the most irritating bride ever. She will flip the f out if everything is not going according to her plans. The OCD bride is undoubtedly a planner. She knows how the centerpieces should look like, what should be on the menu and who will attend her wedding. 


6. The social media queen! 

For the social media bride, her wedding is the biggest event of her life. She will post, tag and share every detail of her wedding minute by minute. She is the one who will fail all journalists because honestly, the kind of live streaming she will do on her wedding will put all the breaking news anchors to shame. 


7. The goody-goody bride! 

She is the Alok Nath all of the brides. Her sanskars and etiquettes are reserved for the in-laws. She will adhere to her to be husband's every wish. Even though she is bubbling with anger from within, she will still keep her calm and manage everything with extraordinary poise.


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