Top 8 Wedding Venues In Hyderabad You Must Know About

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Owing to its glorious dynasty, Hyderabad is widely known as the city of Nizams. Now a modernized IT city, the city still doesn’t let go of its historical essence that is royalty in every sense of the word. If you’re getting married this season in Hyderabad, then look no further because we have created a list of most talked about wedding venues in the city for your extravaganza.


1. Prithvi Banquet Hall, Hyderabad 

If you are planning a big fat Indian wedding in Hyderabad this season then browse your options no further because this banquet hall is one of the best among spacious halls in the city. The interconnectivity of the lawns with the hotel interiors is simply amazing.

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2. Marakesh Convention Centre, Hyderabad 

Want to ditch the conventional style of getting hitched this season and want to try something out of the box instead? Then Marakesh convention centre is your best option in the city. Picture an open air amphitheatre with a lake in the backdrop to complete the view for a perfect wedding album.

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3. Sri Lakshmi Convention Hall, Hyderabad 

How about your stylish a wedding venue that exudes your personal charm this season? This convention hall in Hyderabad showcases a very artistic décor and fine service. Quit compromising on taste without shelling much and organize a wedding to remember.

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4. D Convention, Hyderabad 

Known for their exquisite food conventions and international cuisine menu offering, D convention has arranged several noteworthy weddings. This wedding season treat your guests with a delectable menu.

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5. Hotel Aditya Park, Hyderabad 

Their signature style has always been to pamper guests with fine dining and classy soirees. A house of irresistible international cuisine, they offer a lot more than just a soothing ambience and décor. Plan your wedding in style this season.

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6. Tabla fine-dine and banquet hall, Hyderabad 

Located in the middle of the humdrum of the city with a charming view, this place is an epitome of elegance in Hyderabad’s posh area. From their service to their quality check on food, everything is exceptional.

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7. Hotel Minerva Grand, Hyderabad 

Away from the technology pot of Cyberabad, this hotel is located where nature marries the art of modernity. Host a party that’ll get fixated in everyone’s memories forever.

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8. NAN Convention Centre, Hyderabad 

An ideal choice for celebrations and wedding ceremonies, NAN convention is known for its state of the art service and fine hospitality. Modify the venue as per your choice that reflects your style and personality. 

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