What Not To Do Before Your Wedding Day

Any wedding preparation gone wrong is an absolute nightmare for the bride-to-be.

Author: Radhika Verma | Updated: July 27, 2016 7:27 IST

Any wedding preparation gone wrong is an absolute nightmare for the bride-to-be. We understand that you have loads of ideas stuck inside your brain and you would want to be the one to execute all of them, but hold on and give your DIY tactics a break. In order to avoid any last minute, almost unrecoverable wedding faux pas, take a note of these 7 tips on what not to do before your big day (read = week). 


1. Avoid crash diets! 

You are perfect just the way you are! In order to go an extra mile and contour yourself into a different body shape, avoid going for a crash diet right before your wedding ceremonies. It’ll double the stress of preparations and the desire to look your best for the big day. Stick to your routine workout and keep a calm composure for a fresh look.


2. Avoid last-minute negotiation with your vendors! 

So you don’t like the centrepieces or the mandap doesn’t go well with the rest of the decorations. You may make last-minute tweaks and fixes but try skipping the bridezilla mode before it ruins your wedding plans. Negotiating with the vendors over trivial things at the last minute is the last thing you should do.


3. Don’t experiment with new hairstyles! 

So you have youtubing a lot before your wedding day and skimming through a fashion magazine’s latest trends but avoid all the unnecessary experiments. A new haircut looks fresh but sometimes it doesn’t really go with your face cut. Always let it grow and make sure it fits your wedding look.


4. Avoid creating new beauty regime! 

You know your skin better than anyone else. Creating a new beauty regime right before your wedding week can turn out to be a disaster. Stick to your standard beauty routine and keep yourself hydrated for best results. Try activities at home that help you beat the stress as it will also reflect on your face. Stay au naturel!


5. Avoid alcohol binge! 

What looks like a fun idea can lead to some major beauty regime goof-up. Give your alcohol binge a rest. Excessive high on alcohol can have adverse effects since it is diuretic. Every adverse effect such as nausea, vomiting, eating disorder, headaches can lead to a dull skin. To pull off a healthy and fresh look for your wedding, take those shots of joy with care.


6. Don’t forget to keep in touch with your beau!

While you are busy grooming yourself and indulging in self-decadence; your beau needs to be part of the scene as well. Take out some time to focus on couples activities, spa and fitness. Make a list of things that requires decision-making from both parties. This will not only help you understand your partner’s choices better but will also help you become more patient.


7. Don’t forget to detox and rejuvenate! 

At the end of the day, it’s your big day. You should really not be the one to stress it all out. Take a day off to detox and be by yourself. Silence and a soothing ambience will also clear the tension for you. Keeping a calm composure in every situation is the best way to get your best look for the wedding and beyond.


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