A Desi Indian Wedding For A Jewish Couple

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This is the story of Tami Tarnow, a beautiful girl from Southfield, Michigan who married Norman Joseph, an Indian Jew who roots belong to Mumbai. Even though inter-caste and cross-border love stories are not new but this tale is adorable. Read on to know why!

Tami and Norman belonged to totally different backgrounds but met at a dinner gala in Los Angeles and just clicked. The couple gave two years for their love to blossom and finally Normam proposed to Tami to be his partner for a lifetime.



Since their cultures were different, organizing a wedding was no easy task. Tami proposed an idea to go to Las Vegas and take wedding vows but it wasn’t convincing enough. In the end, the couple decided that they would get married both ways, the Indian way and the Michigan way!



The two flew to Mumbai with their friends, family and relatives and a big fat Jewish Indian wedding was organized. Tami dressed up as an Indian bride for the Mehendi and Haldi functions and wore a gorgeous white gown for the wedding ceremony. She also donned traditional jewellery and covered her hands in henna as she wanted her to-be husband to stay as close to his roots as he could during his wedding.





The couple got married in Michigan again after two months and feels that getting married both ways was the best decision. The two had the time of their life exploring each other’s customs and have collected beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

We wish the couple the best of health and happiness.
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Posted on: September 23, 2016 jewish Indian wedding, Tami Tarnow and Normal Joseph


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