AAP MLA Vishesh Ravi's Wedding Arrangements Will Surprise You

AAP MLA Vishesh Ravi tied the knot in a mass community wedding to set an example for the entire nation.

Author: Sumanyasehgal | Updated: February 6, 2017 7:12 IST

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Where politicians and their families are known for their extravagant wedding affairs, AAP MLA Vishesh Ravi opted for something completely different. Vishesh Ravi, who won in 2015 from Karol Bagh area of Delhi tied the knot with Priti in a mass community wedding.  

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Vishesh and Priti got married alongside eight other couples that included an electrician, tailor and others. The wedding was organised by Vikas Sanstha and the venue of this community affair was Shri Guru Ravidas Vishram Dham Temple. 

Vishesh, who is strongly against the idea of splurging on weddings said that this move would motivate the nation to put their money to constructive use rather than wasting it on the wedding pomp and show. 


We feel Vishesh has set an example for many. 

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  • Reshma
    Finally one sane voice among the millions, I wish others would take the cue and stop mindless wasting of money. if you really want to spend it, rather build toilets and garbage dispensers to keep your area clean. many congratulations to the wise bride & groom!
  • Veer
    True Aam Admi...Proud to be part of choosing Delhi Govt. AAP weldone
  • Ss
    Well done! Great example
  • Prashant Colvenkar
    Something unexpected from AAP .......but truly overwhelming
  • Nandakumar
    Best Wishes, Ravi... from Imphal, MANIPUR
  • Kaustubh
    Good job
  • Pavithra
    Congratulations .Wish many of us follow your simple tradition

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