10 Affordable Banquet Halls in Chennai for a Grand Wedding

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When we think of an Indian wedding, we can relate it to a beautifully embellished jewellery box which consists of royal ornaments. This box looks utterly fancy and so does a big fat Indian wedding.

As important as it is to place luxurious jewellery in a complementing box, a grand wedding too needs a picture-perfect ambience.

Just so your wedding album and most importantly those inevitable selfies and groupfies get the right backdrop, here is a list of the ten best banquet/marriage halls in Chennai which cost under INR 1k per plate.


1. Abu Sarovar Portico

Abu Sarovar Portico is a spacious and luxurious banquet hall located in a prime location in Chennai. Affordable at the same time, this banquet hall serves a wide variety of cuisines in a manner which is bound to woo your guests.

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2. Confluence Banquets and Resorts 

If you are on a look-out for a venue to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and unwind in a green, relaxing environment, Confluence Banquets and Resorts is the ideal choice. Located close to Mahabalipuram, this banquet hall which comes with ample open space can adjust up to 4000 guests making your wedding ceremony reflect grandiosely.

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3. Benzz Park

Benzz Park is all about luxury at an affordable cost and we think that is what every bride and groom desires. Located centrally, this luxurious hotel and banquet hall is not only an impeccable pick for weddings but also for business meetings or lavish holidays.

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4. The Iris

The Iris Hotel, known for its opulent décor and efficient services is a hype in the town for all the right reasons. From its rooms to its banquet and wedding halls, The Iris is one of the most recommended venues for a grand yet budget-conscious wedding.

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5. Hotel Bhimaas

Hotel Bhimass is the right combination of authentic and modern. Its banquet hall is spacious enough for a wedding function attended by 500-1000 guests. Looking at the hotel one might assume that the cost would be fancy but Hotel Bhimass offers a per plate cost of less than INR 1k! 

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6. Fortune Palm

Fortune Select Palm has redefined modern luxury in Chennai. Equipped with a swimming pool, 24*7 coffee shop and many other facilities, this banquet hall can also give you the liberty to arrange a poolside bachelor’s party or a fancy cocktail event.

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7. Savera Hotel

One of the finest in the city in terms of ambience, taste and cost, the Savera Hotel can add a charm to your wedding function and make the memories of it stay fresh in the minds of your guests for long. Also catering to business and leisure travellers, the Savera Hotel can promise you a great vacation. 

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8. Radha Regent

Radha Regent is a part of the Radha group and has a prominent name in the hospitality industry. This venue comes with a banquet, ballroom, resort and rooftop and can arrange a wedding which is no less spectacular than a grand destination wedding. 

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9. La Woods Hotel 

The ambience and amenities provided by La Woods Hotel are nothing but sheer elegance. Serving quality food, La Woods Hotel is designed based on local and international themes and cuisines.  The banquet hall has the capability of making dreams of an extravagant wedding effortlessly come true.

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10. Asiana Hotel 

Having to its account, a 30,000 square feet area constructed into a beautiful banquet hall, Asiana hotel can offer many such facilities which most Chennai marriage halls have unheard of. Be it a theatre style seating or a classroom setup, this banquet hall is ideal for big gatherings which reflect royalty.

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