Ambika Anand Handpicks 7 Ideal Honeymoon Destinations!

The word HONEYMOON is used to describe the first month of marriage because it’s the sweetest! Don’t believe me, well, Google says the same!

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The word HONEYMOON is used to describe the first month of marriage because it’s the sweetest! Don’t believe me, well, Google says the same! The first recorded description of the word –HONEYMOON-comes from a piece written by Samuel Johnson. He wrote, ‘the first month after marriage there is nothing but tenderness and pleasure.’ He goes on to compare the mutual affection of the newly married couple to the changing moon, which is full and then continues to wane. The term ‘honeymoon’ dates back to the 5th century when a couple drank a honey based drink with aphrodisiac properties during their first moon of marriage. The 19th century tells us that couples in Britain used the honeymoon to visit friends and family who could not make it to the wedding!


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But a honeymoon, as we know it today, is the time a couple spends away from home, all alone. Couples pick radical holiday itineraries and social media is the only way, the next to kin who missed the wedding to catch up with all the wedding and honeymoon fun. 

Since honeymoon is one of the longest vacations you would ever take, here are some of our favorite things to do and places to go for your honeymoon! Now my personal philosophy with respect to a perfect honey honeymoon is that one needs to plan this holiday wisely. Unless you are self-employed and can take off for a vacation any time, you must realize this and plan well! Indulge in activities that are hard to do otherwise and visit places you have always wanted to but did not have the time or money to. My advice? If you have the time, a job to pay the EMI and want to escalate your honeymoon budget, then consider taking a holiday loan!


Bond over music or art

You could opt for Tomorrow Land in Belgium or Burning Man in the US if you’re both culture enthusiasts. Tomorrow Land is an EDM festival and Burning Man is an art and experiential festival in the desert of Nevada. It exposes you to a different side of life and broadens your mind to an alternative life!


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Fancy an island honeymoon?

If you are an art aficionado then the Island of Naoshima in the Seto Inland Sea is a great idea. It’s a high-end art destination in Japan that boasts of world famous installations, sculptures, and paintings. As you make the obvious stopover at Tokyo you can script your very own version of ‘Lost in Translation’ (A movie shot by acclaimed Director, Sofia Coppola in Tokyo).


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Cuba/Mexico/Alaska/South America/Australia

Make the most of this break and go as far as possible. Get lost in romance and go discover the Inca Civilisation, or the glacier in Patagonia, or Frida Kahlo’s museum in Mexico. Like the unraveling of your own love story let your honeymoon take your breath away and build the requisite edifice for you, the wanderlust twosome!


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If you are a believer of Ayurveda and want a much-needed detox in the original Indian way then just head to the backwaters.



For the Animal Lovers

Get the right roar in your honeymoon by dedicating this precious time to viewing the migration of animals. This entails the relatively long distance movement of various animal groups including birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects. If you cannot dedicate so much time to this activity, then channelize your carnal love towards booking a ticket to a ‘Game Park.’ It’s wonderful to relive a holiday by watching a movie shot in the area. For instance, I really relished the movie ‘OUT OF AFRICA’ after my trip to Kenya!



Hit the road with your significant other

If you love being behind the wheel and want your new found love to navigate your journey then let the world be your oyster. Plan a road trip within Europe, or push the bar and plan a road trip from India to Europe. The latter journey will take you through Nepal, China, Kygyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain and France!


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Work with an NGO

If as couple you want to garner the right kind of Karma as you begin the Journey of Marital bliss, then make the most of your time and work together as a couple and help an NGO. Well, Madeline Bridges once said ‘Give the world the best that you have, and the best will come back to you.’



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