An Open Letter To My Future Jiju

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Dear Jiju,

Let me start off by saying that I’m glad my sister found you as her soul mate. You’re independent, caring and I know you will love her always.

But as you know, she’s not only my sister but a piece of my heart. Her happiness would remain my top priority always and even though I hate to share her with anybody, I deserve appreciation for letting you have her.  Since childhood, she is someone who has held my hand and guided me the right direction. Whenever I would come home, not finding her in the house would almost give me a panic attack as I would have so much to tell her. Well, the scenario is still the same and realizing that you would take her away literally gives me goose bumps.

Yes, she’s my sister but at the same time she’s my best friend and she plays both these roles like a total rock star! There are times when she scolds me just like a mother upon doing something stupid but then she’s the one who takes me out of the mess I always find myself stuck in. Now that she’s getting hitched to you, please get used to our long conversations over the phone discussing what happened in office or how Zara is offering amazing discounts.

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Even when you live together, she would send a picture to me every morning asking what top would go with her new pants and receive a picture of me asking whether my lip color complemented my dress! Well, this is not just an exercise but a habit. If we happen to live in the same city, let me give you a heads up about our shopping routine. We visit the mall at least every twice a week, look around in every store, fight over how my choice is better than hers and then swipe our cards in guilt. Once done, we go to our favorite restaurant, try out some new dishes and click endless selfies every single time. No, by this I don’t mean that we will leave you out of this. It would be lovely if you could tag along and the three of us could spend some time together. Don’t worry, I won’t hinder your romance.   

Am I asking for too much? Well maybe! But you have no clue as to what all I have skipped because I understand that her attention is bound to get shared.

You’re an amazing guy and even though I have nothing to worry about but I would still request you to love her unconditionally. Even if she throws her usual tantrums, please bear with her because she’s not only a beautiful lady but her heart is full of kindness and love.

With love,

Your Future Saali


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Posted on: November 29, 2016 an open letter to my sisters future husband, open letter ideas,


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