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Don’t you think we all are already so strangled in the perplexities of life that we tend to fall short on catching the happiness life offers us? Remember we do not need reasons to be happy, we choose to be happy without any reason. So, all you crazily amazing couples choose some real happiness by playing naughty pranks on your boyfriend/ girlfriend on this April Fool Day. Bandbaajaa.com today chooses to provide girls and only girls with some really cool ideas to play a prank on their boyfriends or husbands this April Fool Day.

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We usually hear men are men and they are not going to change, then, let us show them some real girl power. If your man is always pre-occupied with some or the other sports channel, then you should be perfect with this prank as it hinders him to go on with his task of watching only whatever he likes.

All you can do is to put a small strip of black insulating tape on the sensor of the remote so that the signal does not pass through the tape and see the ‘idiot box’ stay mum.

Now, sit back and witness him with his remote in a state of war. Happy Dance!!!!!



If your boyfriend/ husband is a foodie and wants something or the other to eat after his home-coming from his work, madam, you are good to go. You need to fill the refrigerator with only one dish or drink which he does not like.

And thereafter enjoy looking at his puppy face.

Well, do not do this for a long time as he might genuinely be really hungry and making him starve for long would then not be a really good idea. After all, he is your love. *smiles*



Well, if you are planning to go one step further and are ready to do a little of work to make him seem a fool. Take a bottle of any of his favorite soft drink and a Mentos candy. Make a small hole in a candy and pass the cotton through the hole. Open the lid of the bottle and put the cotton tight at each end in a way that the candy sits over the pouring hole. Tighten the cap and make sure that the candy stays in its position above the level of the bottle. Now, trim the cotton ends so that the bottle looks new and untouched and keep it safe in the refrigerator. Now, the next time your man comes to have a sip or two, he will come to terms with a bottle well covered which would not allow him to have a taste of what he thinks to be a delight.

Woohoo!! Let us see some real cry.



If he is a socially active person, then you can try going for this one. There are many online sites that allow you send text messages. You can send him some weird and funny text messages for like an entire day, one after another, which will keep him busy, thinking and irritated for the entire day.



We hear this quite a lot many times and also watch in movies. Well, we can also think of something more easy and subtle. As in you can act as if you are not well and urgently want him to meet him. While he travels all the way leaving all his meeting to meet you, you can prepare an April Fool Day celebration for him.

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NOTE: Do not indulge in any sort of a prank that may harm the other person. Let it be more safe yet naughty celebration.

So, these were some of our little ways of celebrating April Fool Day. Provide us with more of your ideas in the comments section below.


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