Ideas For An Epic Bachelor Party You'd Totally Love

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We all know how traditional bachelor’s parties go; there are strippers dancing around in scantily-clad titillating costumes, booze and then more booze till the time someone passes out. You simply can’t go wrong but instead of planning it in the same mundane-movie way, here are some ideas you can use to make it even more exciting.

1. Take a road trip! 

As a bunch of careless, responsibility-free single males, you should take an epic road trip instead of just celebrating it over a night’s shenanigan. Discover your weaknesses and strengths before time takes you through another mesmerizing journey with your better-half.


2. Virtual gaming with your boys! 

There are so many places now where you can store the feeling of being young again (not that you’re running out of time). Plan a crazy night out with your boys to explore crazy gaming options. Laser tag and virtual gaming are good options.


3. Challenging outdoor activities! 

Not that now would be an ideal time to try deadly activities but this might be just the perfect time to let go of your inhibitions and learn to live a fearless life ahead. Go sky-diving, cliff-diving, mountaineering with your maddest squad.


4. Backpack, get real and drink your worries away! 

This can be utilized as a great opportunity to travel with your best mates across countries and drink their best-serving beverages. Sounds like a fun game, doesn’t it?


5. Stash it! 

You must keep stash everything in your hangover kit for a quick and smooth relief from all the madness. This will help you get back to reality in no time. 

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Posted on: November 10, 2016 bachelor party ideas, road trip, travel, party, nightout, men


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