6 Beautiful Things To Do At Weddings That Cost Nothing

Here’s a list of a few things which can easily get you a “wow” moment from the guests and yes, that too, without being heavy on the pocket. Read on!

Author: Sumanyasehgal | Updated: January 20, 2016 6:36 IST

Who doesn’t want their wedding to be insanely fun? But let’s face it - Budgets are unavoidable and the scariest part of weddings. While you are daydreaming of your wedding dress, it goes without saying that one part of your mind is subconsciously calculating figures. 
Here’s a list of a few things which can easily get you an “Ah-ha” moment from the guests and yes, that too, without being heavy on the pocket.


1. Open the treasure box!

Ever wondered what nostalgia an old embroidered dupatta of your granny would throw you into? Old is said to be gold for a true reason. Surprise, surprise! Amongst all the modern and unconventional ways for your wedding, you can obviously secure a decent space for an old family heirloom. It can be old jewellery, adorable earrings, or a tiara.



2. Making your own nuptial vows!

The seven rounds made encircling the fire pit burning with hawan samagri while listing out your nuptial vows is the most awaited part in the Indian weddings. If making your own vows doesn’t excite you, then what will? Let the quill run through the paper. 


3. Let those handprints be left as a souvenir!

How about asking the guests to leave their handprints on a scrapbook along with their oh-so-sweet wishes before leaving? This would be a phenomenal idea which you wouldn’t stop cherishing upon years later, reading the lovely wishes with your partner. A good enough way to keep the things off the top of your head, isn’t it?



4. Unleash the creativity in you!

Okay! So there are many guests coming and you want them to sing your praises. Time to engage yourself in some flattering then. Fair enough. Think about the people and the tables reserved for them. Place their photograph or a handmade nameplate. This would surely come as a successful attempt, provided you do a nice selection of photographs which don't, in turn, end up turning them red-faced. 



5. How about that glittering smile, eh?

Flashing your most genuine smile during your wedding can be the mightiest thing you could do for the day. Let that pretty smile embellish your look. Trust me on this, the nervousness would ebb away in no time once you would stretch your lips into one beautiful smile. That smile is worth a trillion.


6. Shake your booty on the floor! 

Put on your dancing shoes and let the crowd go crazy. When the people wouldn’t stop tapping their feet and humming to the music, you know that you are all set. While at weddings, there is zero awkwardness among people in sharing the dance floor. Isn’t it an overwhelming sight to watch your 80-year-old grandfather dancing with your little niece? Sure, it is. 

So who says weddings can’t be amazing, and affordable?

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