7 Best Games to Play On Your Bachelor's Party

Budget-friendly game ideas to help you throw a killer bachelor's party.

Author: Radhika Verma | Updated: February 8, 2017 8:50 IST

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It is generally the job of the best man, the best friend of the groom, to plan and execute the party, to celebrate the last few nights of ‘freedom’ before committing to ‘husbandhood’ and the pressure is full on, for him to throw a party which makes it on the list of the most memorable night of not only the groom but also all the friends attending. But no need to worry cause we are here to help out so that you no longer need to wreck your mind trying to think of fun games to play at the party. So here are a few budget-friendly game ideas to help you throw a killer bachelor's party.


Drinking games

It goes without saying that the night is filled with alcohol, gambling and more booze! So play a few drinking games, well there’s the obvious ones like ‘suicide’, ‘shit-faced’ and some more, and if don’t know about them, well that’s what the internet is for. And if you want to get a bit adventurous then play a round of ‘drinko’ where you have a number of shot glasses, some filled with alcohol and others with nasty liquids (soy sauce or hot sauce or lemon juice) and it’s up to your luck if you a good one or not.


Strip Poker

A bachelor’s party is never complete without some gambling and card games. Blackjack, go fish, spades and of course the classic poker and if you are daring enough, you can play the mature version of it where every time someone loses they have to remove an article of clothing.


21 Dares

21 dares is an exciting party game very similar to truth or dare and perfect for people who aren’t afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone and indulging in some crazy ideas, also all that booze has got to have given people some liquid courage, so it will surely be very entertaining and fun.


Beer Pong

Put a twist to getting drunk by playing some drinking games, beats just plain old drinking and can be hella fun.Beer pong is played by teams of two where each team takes turns to throw ping pong ball into the other team's cups if the ball lands in a cup the opponent has to drink from the cup. And you win when all the cups of the opponent team is gone.



Scavenger Hunt

Embarrass the bachelor by sending him on a wild scavenger hunt with a list of things to do, while you sit back chilling and laughing your ass off watching his hilarious antics. Make him put the best man’s phone number in a women’s mobile or have him find a woman to do a body shot of him, are some ideas for the list.


Arcade games or bowling

Everything is more fun when you are drunk and some good old kiddy type fun games is always a hoot, mix them together and you have yourself one hilarious experience. So go head and hit the arcade, play some video games or go paintballing or laser tagging or maybe even bowling or the classic riding the bull game.


Pin the skirt

Everyone knows pin the tail game and this is nothing but a spin-off of that game but instead, the goal is to pin the skirt on the favourite celeb of the groom and if you want to get more wild maybe even a under garmet.

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