Better eight than never

The couple spent their wedding budget travelling across the globe and tying the knot in eight countries.

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All the world's a stage- A globetrotting couple took their wedding celebrations to a preposterous level by tying the knot in eight countries. With a court marriage in UK, an exotic beach ceremony in Mauritius, vows recital in Paris, wedding reception in South Africa along with four more countries the couple, Amelia and Brett tied the knot in across the globe in the span of one month. The couple has been together for nine years decided to skip the traditional wedding after their ceremony clashed with a family member’s wedding.

Amelia and Brett registered their wedding ceremony at Trowbridge, England



The couple poses against the backdrop of Taj Mahal, India. Amelia is known to have carried eight wedding dresses for each ceremony.

The couple embarked on a month long honeymoon with their five year old son. Pictured against the Eiffel tower the couple enjoys the ceremony with Amelia’s family.


Wearing a traditional ivory Cossack hat with her bridal gown the couple steals a kiss in Moscow, Russia.


Amelia and Brett recite their vows at The Great wall of China.


A beach wedding ceremony at Mauritius.


The couple enjoys a breathtaking view of the Himalayas in Nepal.


The wedding reception at South Africa attended by all the family members.


 Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures!

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