Bollywood Actors Who Found Their Soulmates Overseas

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Love knows no boundaries, be it in terms of age or geographical barriers. An individual from any nationality can fall in love with another individual of a completely different nationality and together they can be that perfect couple who lived happily ever after.

Bollywood has also been practicing this trend and here is a list of the most famous Bollywood actors who got married to foreigners.  


Preity Zinta and Gene Goodenough

Preity Zinta married Gene Goodenough in a private ceremony in Los Angeles on February 28th 2016. Since no one knew much about Preity and Gene’s relationship, their wedding came as a big surprise.

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Celina Jaitly and Peter Haag

Celina Jaitly who is known for her roles in No Entry and Golmaal married hotelier Peter Haag who is based out of Dubai. It was love at first site for Celina and Peter who went ahead to get married and give birth to twin sons.  

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Lisa Ray and Jason Dehni

Lisa Ray calls husband Jason Dehni her secret weapon as he spreads positivity around her. Lisa, who is a cancer survivor married Jason in 2012 and said that the marriage has found her a missing part of life.


Suchitra Pillai and Lars Kjeldsen

Even though Lars is an engineer from Denmark and Suchitra, an India engineer turned model and actress but the two have been going super strong for almost 10 years now. Their love story is quite talked about and has set a great example for many.



Madhu Sapre and Gian Maria Emendatori

She was a super model and he, a successful businessman from Italy. The two got married and gave birth to Indira, their daughter who turned four this year. Settled in Italy, Madhu and Gian Maria’s life which kicked off as friendship and turned into marriage is no less than a fairytale.



Sashi Kapoor and Jennifer Kendal

Jennifer Kendal was an English model whom Shashi Kapoor met in Calcutta. Love sprang up between the two and soon she became Jennifer Kapoor. Unfortunately Jennifer died of cancer in 1984 and left Shashi alone with their three beautiful kids. 


Kashmira Shah and Brad Listermann

Kashmira Shah, an ex-contestant of Bigg Boss married Brad Listermann, CEO of WorldFlix. Unfortunately, their wedding did not last for very long as Govinda’s nephew, Krushna jumped in to create a void in their relationship.



Sagarika Mukherjee and Martin Da Costa

Singer Sagarika Mukherjee met Martin Da Costa a Portuguese co-worker in a music company. Martin thought Sagarika was funny, smart and confident and that is what made him marry her!



Madhuri Dixit and Dr. Shriram Madhav Nene

The heartthrob of Bollywood married Dr. Sriram Nene, a simple Brahmin boy settled in the U.S. Their marriage was no less than a fairytale and even though Madhuri spends most of her time in India, their marriage has been going strong and steady!


Seeing love spring across borders is always charming and we hope to see more such cross-cultural weddings happening  in Bollywood!

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