6 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Proud Single Parents

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- Sumanya Sehgal

Undoubtedly wedding is an important phase of our lives wherein we experience, we learn and we grow as individuals and parenting then follow. But there at times when we deliberately refuse to get hitched and still want to satiate and fulfill our desire to be parents, while they are some unfortunate times when one of the partners is not there as a parent for his/her kid, that too, does not force everyone and anyone to get married. It is all about perception and self-introspection.
Bollywood has always been a benchmark setter, be it in the fashion world or breaking the stereotypical norms, the industry has always been a rage with everything that might lead to raised eyebrows, bringing children single-handedly being one of them.

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The Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is a perfect role model for all the 21st-century women who want to satisfy their parental desires without actually getting hitched. She had adopted a girl and named her Renee in 2000 and within 10 years adopted another girl and named her Alisah. She is a superwoman filled with pure courage and will.

The very handsome Rahul Dev in 2010, had lost his wife Rina due to cancer and is a single parent to their son Siddharth since then. He has very beautifully proved that wedding is not really important to bring up kids to be good human beings eventually. May god bestow him and his son with more power each passing days. Amen.

Well, it is always not the women who want to experience motherhood but a man as well urges to be called as ‘dad’. Tusshar Kapoor became a father to baby boy Laksshay through surrogacy. He chose to become a father than a husband which is something not all of us may do. Kudos!

The very beautiful Bollywood actress is a single parent to two cute children, Paloma and Anmol, from her husband Ashok Thakeria. The couple got separated because of some problems in their relationship. It is since they got separated, Poonam Dhillon has brought their kids single-handedly.

The very strong and courageous lady, Neena Gupta was blessed with a baby girl, Masaba Gupta, with his lover West Indies cricketer Viv Richards without getting married to him. She has brought up her girl so boldly and elegantly that she is an example and a role model for many. We look forward and salute her for her power and strength.



The famous Indian film director, producer, screenwriter, actor and a multi-tasker Karan Johar made us all go speechless with his generous and kind move of adopting a baby boy and a beautiful little baby girl. An even more emotional aspect to this act of his is the naming of the babies. The baby boy is named as Yash Johar, who is Karan’s father and her daughter’s name has been anagrammatized from his mother’s name Hoori to Roohi. This is really heart-warming and touching. 


Bandbaajaa.com pays much respect to all these beautiful and powerful single parents for bringing in a new and a much bolder perspective among the audience.

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