These Choreographers In Delhi Will Make You Want To Dance Now

Wedding season is upon us and it has given us time to experience a brief hiatus from the mundane stressed out work life.

Author: Radhika Verma | Updated: October 13, 2016 11:22 IST

Wedding season is upon us and it has given us time to experience a brief hiatus from the mundane stressed out work life. In India, weddings or any other special occasion for that matter begins with a glorious dance. It can either be a choreographed performance or your uncle’s customary dance step with hands up in the air and legs moving like a centipede. When in Delhi, party like a Delhiite. We have consolidated a list of the most popular choreographers in Delhi that’ll teach you a thing or two about dance at Indian weddings. 


Beyond routine, Delhi NCR

Started by two passionate women, these Delhi-based choreographers just want to see the world dance. By meeting new people to nourishing bonds, they have developed a new quirk for socializing that has helped them make dance even more interesting ad easy to learn.

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Divay – the wedding choreographers, Delhi NCR

This company was started by Divay in 2007. Now as a team of professional choreographers, they take up to 30-40 assignments in a year. From corporate events to big fat Indian weddings, their crowd loves dancing as much as they love choreographing.

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Dansync, Delhi NCR

Their dance is like a magic spell that’ll persuade you to get and gyrate with the beat. Fairly new in the industry, they have been performing and choreographing in Delhi a lot. 

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Love Dance and Thumka, Delhi NCR

Got your playlist for this wedding season sorted? Good. Now put on your sparkling dancing shoes and head to this Delhi-based company’s studio. They use innovative ideas and unique performances that'll suit everyone personally.

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Sugandha Khurana, Delhi NCR

For this sassy choreographer, weddings and dance go hand in hand. Khurana has been honing her skills in the field for over 6 years and socializing wouldn’t have been the same for her if it wasn’t for dance. Get ready for some desi twirls and twists this season.

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Shaadi Choreography, Delhi NCR

This company choreographs different dance styles and also conceptualizes theme for weddings. They fashion dance steps for everyone in the family but it ranges as per their themed packages.


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Step on the beat, Delhi NCR

Already had enough share of your Bollywood dance this year, but still want to dance to a new yet different rhythm? Then switch to this choreographer in Delhi. They specialize in salsa, Jazz, Contemporary, hip hop, bachata and more.

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Sway dance studio, Delhi NCR

Started by dancer Khushbu Shah, this Delhi-based company share its expertise in exquisite dance styles. From contemporary to salsa, their purpose is to simply make you dance your heart out.

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Twirls and Thumkas, Delhi NCR 

By inculcating drama, romance and special light effects in their performances, this Delhi-based choreographer takes the baton is conceptualizing different dance styles on the stage.

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The Wedding Spell, Delhi NCR

Are you a Bollywood fanatic at heart? Then this is the perfect place to learn some of them latest Bollywood moves to rock this wedding season. Owned by Delhi-based Gayatri Sahdev, an Indian choreographer who has trained under Ashley Lobo for ten years. Her style is all about Bollywood thumkas.  

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