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A wedding in any part of India is known for its delicacies. Where a Punjabi wedding is incomplete without tandoori chicken with butter floating on top of the gravy, a Rajasthani wedding has daal baati churma as a mandate. Trust us when we say, most of your guests come to your wedding to mainly savor the food.

So, why not give your wedding guests a pleasant surprise by infusing something as unique as a live barbeque station or a food truck as a part of the catering? Wouldn’t it be such a unique yet fun idea? Think no further as brings to you the best caterers with innovative concepts that can make your wedding arrangements stand out.


1. An Unlimited Barbeque Feast

Who doesn’t like the aroma of smoked barbeque cottage cheese? To make this aroma take over your wedding venue, Atmosfire, a party idea of Barbeque Nation provides over 100 grilled dishes and a full course buffet that can serve limitless cravings.  Guess what, Atmosfire can also arrange the same setup at your place for a private party!


2. Bring Street Food To Your Wedding

No, we are not referring to the regular pav bhaji stall but some lip-smacking Burgers,Tacos, Omlettes and Waffles Eggjactly provides. Eggjactly is a food truck that uses egg as its main ingredient and plays with the yolk and white to create magic. Their street food has ingredients that keep the health factor in check but still add that street food flavor to your event.


3. Serve Finger Food – Fresh Off The Grill

The common sight at Indian weddings is that of Aaloo tikki, spring rolls and the clichéd paneer. But ‘What The Truck’ can give this menu a makeover. With their doggie dogs and keema pao, your wedding guests will skip every other appetizer and main course on your wedding menu.


4. Give Your Desserts A Fruity Twist

If you are organizing a wedding in the hot months, your guests deserve a dose of freshness with some icy desserts. To ensure the same, Frugurpop can serve some fresh fruits, crunchy nuts and edible beautiful looking flowers frozen on polas or sticks. So, no more are stick ice creams just for the toddler taste buds!


5. Create A Fusion Buffet

No wonder Chinese and Italian dishes have paved their way into Indian weddings but the authenticity factor seems to be missing. Crumbs to Gourmet can bring that factor back by offering fine party food. There’s Mexican, Italian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Goan, Maglorean and Indian that is cooked in a fusion of spices to make your event memorable for your guests.


6. Let Fresh Beer Brew

Have you ever imagined how it would be if your wedding looked like a café serving freshly brewed beer? Giving shape to this imagination is White Owl Brewery, one of the most popular breweries in Mumbai. Be it your cocktail party, wedding ceremony or even a destination wedding, White Owl Brewery has got you covered.


7. Mix Wedding Food With Gastronomy

Molecular Gastronomy is a very popular concept these days and there is no reason to not bring it to weddings. Eat Drink Design provides this concept in wedding catering and their presentation speaks for their expertise. Get set to surprise your guests with some breath-taking delicacies cooked by Eat Drink Design.

8. Organize A Vegan Wedding

When two vegans tie the knot, they definitely want no animals to be harmed especially when they take wedding vows. Vegan bites, based out of Mumbai can cater their thoughtful vegan food for weddings and other events. From fancy salads to desi sweets, Vegan bites can take care of it all.


Let your wedding menu make jaws drop this season!

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