5 Amazing Reasons You Should Customize Your Wedding Invites This Season

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This might just be the biggest checklist you’ll ever create in your life but that’s the only way of planning and executing your dream wedding. The list will be a hectic one but you can actually have fun with each task at a time. Invites are the first shout-out to go out and this means it has to be just right. This wedding season, have some fun whilst planning the wedding and design your own invites.

1. It’s a quick sneak peek into your wedding! 

Like I said before, wedding invites are the official shout out to all your friends and family and hence the invites must be one of a kind. Make sure it’s captivating like an embellished boxed invite, or adorn the plain fabric and material with stones, crystals or trendy baubles.

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2. You can express yourself! 

This is your moment. Make is as personal as you want. If you have already selected a theme for décor, then you can simply match the invites as an introduction to the wedding theme. You can use cut out figure images, initials of your names or designer animated 3D pop ups.

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3. It’s a real time saver! 

A pro with an advice is always helpful, but now with all the options galore on the internet anyone can design and customize their wedding themes. Select a trendy theme and get started with the most interesting DIY task of this wedding season.

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4. Take expert guidance! 

How often do you get a chance to meet just the right professionals, but this time Delhi-based wedding invite card designer Art Papyrus is here to spill some secrets and you should take notes! Use glittered cards to make a grant impression. Bejeweled designer cards are currently taking the wedding market by the storm. You can also start experimenting with scrunched paper look and ornament it with a classy, bright colored pop-up box. 

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5. Make it a souvenir your guests won’t forget!  

People always feel ecstatic in the name of a big fat Indian wedding, especially when it is a destination wedding. Turn your invitation cards into exclusive souvenirs for the guests this season. Make them feel special and entertained. 

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