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-Sumanya sehgal

The most important and funky parts of an Indian wedding is to wear those traditional sarees and lehengas, or probably those golden embroidered wedding gowns or shararas and getting those perfect shots in the wedding album. It is like a signed petition, *winks*, by the bridesmaids and the groom’s handsome gang to get those super sparkling and utter stylish photographs in the wedding.

And in order to make your petition signed and followed, brings for you ‘Dee Color Photography’, a really creative photography unit to bring forward your emotions, and your style onto the screen. Having an experience of 41 years, that is, from 1976, they have not stopped to make it special for you with their amazingly rich knowledge and skills.

How about getting a random picture? Random picture, that is real picturesque, well captured and a window to the beauty of art. Dee Color Photography specialises in clicking candid pictures and cinematography. It is not about clicking any and every picture, but to relish its essence forever after.

It requires a lot effort to take the desired shot from the right angle because sometimes it is not just about the random smile that makes the picture look beautiful, but from the angle, it has been taken. So, this talented production is also specialised in doing cinematography that you had visualised of.

They have been using technology that is quite upgraded and of high quality, that is, Canon series and Sony series. When it comes to the camera and related products, they see no compromise.

Taking into account all destination weddings, this production provides with everything from covering the wedding to preparing its album, they provide everything under one roof. This makes your work even easier and smoother.

Well, it is never too late than never! To have ‘DEE COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY’ for your big day, you can book them on, right away.

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Posted on: March 14, 2017 photography, couple, bride,groom,love, candid,pre-wedding, shot,click, camera, wedding album, dee color


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