This Bride Fought A Court Case For 8 Years With A Bridal Studio- Here's Why !

The bride fought with her lehenga designer for eight years because her wedding lehenga was two inches short. Here is the full story.

Author: Alice | Updated: September 14, 2017 4:26 IST

All the young girls imagine a perfect wedding in their heads.  From perfect wedding planning to the perfect wedding outfit, everything for you on your big day has to be prim and proper.

But what if something goes wrong on your special day?  And that too because of someone else’s carelessness. 

A bride in Delhi fought for 8 long years with a bridal studio in Chandani Chowk. The reason was the short length of her lehenga because of which she faced embarrassment in front of all the guests.

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The story goes like this. The bride got her lehenga made from a design studio in Chandani Chowk. When she first went to the trial, it was two inches short and was not uniformly round. When she asked the studio to fix this issue, they told her that it will be done on time. But on her wedding day, she realized that her lehenga is still the same and the studio hasn't done anything to fix the length. 

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After facing all the embarrassment at her wedding, she again went to the studio and asked them to fix it. Again promises were made, but the bride constantly heard of excuses starting with insufficient staff and workload.

Finally, when the lehenga was returned, there was a visible joint added to the bottom of lehenga, thereby ruining it completely. She was also mistreated, abused by the staff as well.

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She later pressed charges against the studio for the humiliation and embarrassment.

And now after 8 long years of battle in the court, the bride has won the case. The bridal studio will now have to pay her the entire cost of the lehenga i.e. Rs 64000. According to India Today, the Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission had also asked the studio to provide the woman with Rs 50,000 more for harassment.

Judicial member NP Kaushik told India Today,

"The women bore the embarrassment of wearing a short lehenga at the time of the wedding. The Couple's grievance aggravated when the store representative added prominent joint to increase the length and which it made it look awkward and despite this, the complainant was asked to pay alteration charges."

Weddings are a big deal in India. And we understand a bride freaking out on her lehenga being not perfect. But an 8-year long court case over this issue difficult to understand. We hope that from this case onwards, the importance of the bride's won't be missed out.

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