#GoCashless – DIY Hacks To Create Your Makeup Products At Home

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Any big fat Indian wedding involves a lot of dressing up and a very important part of dressing up is using the right makeup products that complement your skin tone and make your outfit look even more alluring. 

But buying good quality makeup can prove to be very heavy on the pocket especially in this cashless wedding season. So, if you do not wish to spend a bomb on your beauty products, Maanavi from Makeup by Maanavi gave us some useful DIY hacks to create your makeup at home. And what more, most of these makeup products she suggested taking inferences from her several years of professional experience are chemical free and completely harmless to the skin.


Maanavi from Makeup by Maanavi 

Read on to know Maanavi’s favorite DIY makeup products that she swears by especially for the brides.


DIY BB Cream

Take a few drops of full coverage/heavy foundation and a dollop of your favorite light weight moisturizer. Mix them together thoroughly and test a small amount on your face to check the consistency (add more drops of foundation if want more coverage). If the coverage is satisfactory, apply the BB cream all over the face for a dewy finish. If you have dry skin, you can even add 2-3 drops of your favorite oil (maracuja, jojoba, coconut etc.) for extra hydration. And people with oily skin can dust a little translucent powder on the T-zone to remove any unwanted shine.


DIY Lip Stain

Maanavi personally recommends products made using natural ingredients. This lip stain requires some cherries, berries, pomegranate, beetroot and other red colored fruits crushed in a bowl. Once done, strain the liquid out through a strainer. Add 2-4 drops of olive oil for easy application. Apply a few coats with an ear bud or a lip gloss applicator and say flaunt a natural looking pink pout!  


Alternate Option -

Take a spoonful of petroleum jelly (vaseline) and add a few drops (2-4) of red food coloring. Mix well and apply on lips for the perfect moisturized lip stain.


Matte Lipstick

According to Maanasi, matte lipsticks have been a rage in the makeup world this year. But if you own only glossy/creamy lip shades, you can them into matte long wear ones in no time. Just apply any creamy or satin lipstick in any shade over your lips. Take a textured tissue paper and dip a fluffy brush into some translucent powder. Place the tissue over your lips and gently pat dusting the powder onto the lips. Cover a layer all over and remove the paper to reveal a mattified lipstick that is transfer resistant.


Waterproof Kajal

‘It is mandatory for every bride to use a waterproof/tearproof kajal,’ says Maanasi. But, you don’t need to invest in a high priced kajal when you can make one easily at home. 

Apply your favorite kajal on the waterline. Then, take a small flat eye brush and coat it in black eye shadow. Carefully pat it on the waterline over the kajal for the longest waterproof wear!



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