7 Unique DIY Ideas To Make Your House Look A Typical Shaadi Wala Ghar

Tired of the old boring flower hangings, diyas and colourful dupatta as the home wedding décor? We are too!

Author: Nidhibakhru | Updated: April 15, 2017 7:19 IST

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Tired of the old boring flower hangings, diyas and colourful dupatta as the home wedding décor? We are too! Get rid of these dreary decorations and spruce up your home with new and unique décor for the upcoming wedding. No need to spend thousands and thousands of money to buy stuff and get the job done, only to have to remove it after a few days, instead make these decorations yourself.

Bandbaajaa.com brings to you 7 unique DIY ideas to make your ghar look shadi wala ghar .


1. Tinted bottle décor

Repurpose old milk bottles, mason jars and empty wine bottles into pretty flower vases. Another way to use them would be to just stuff them with fairy lights and place it around the house. Or wrap twine and lace around it, add flowers in it and hang it around the house.

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2. Twinkling fairy lights, lanterns, candles and diyas

Bring out the Diwali decorations and reuse them for your home wedding décor. Pretty lights comes to the rescue once again, they always make everything look better. Use fairy lights to make a mesh type net on the ceiling, while place the diyas and candles around the house. For amore fancy look place the candles in glass bowls along with some flowers, this gives it a classier look.


3. Balloons wrapped in gauzy tulle

Wrap some bright colourful helium filled balloons in light sheer and gauzy fabric like net or tulle, tie it up and add some flowers at the knot. This will be a pretty addition to your place and its very easy to do and takes practically no time!

4. Kaleras hanging

Get hold of a bunch of golden kaleras and twine it along flower strings, the result will look traditional yet at the same time will have a contemporary vibe to it. They look amazing when hung in front of the window or a blank wall.


5. Flower Balls

Why do the same old simple flower hangings when you can do something much more amazing? Buy some flower balls, you can get it made by any good florist, and string it up with pearly strings or crystal strings or cute ribbons.



6. Origami birds hanging

Get the kiddies to make some origami birds, this will keep them busy and off your hands, letting you have some peaceful time to do other stuff and at the same time actually use their creations. String the birds into a hanging of sorts and hang it around your home.


7. Baby breathe explosion

Ditch the genda phool and go crazy on baby breathe this wedding season. Baby breathe’s tiny flower bulbs are cute and adorable; they will surely bring life and beauty to your home. Added bonus is they are very cheap and available at any flower shops. And they look great under the yellow lights, incorporate these flowers everywhere in your house, in your vases, make hangings and sprinkle it on the table along with the candles.


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