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What better way to convey your love than sending out tokens of gratitude in the form of perfect wedding gifts. Find out more at

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Like other festive occasions, your wedding would take you to an overwhelming joyride of myriad emotions. But beyond all the tirade of emotions, you would feel a sense of gratitude not only towards your family but also your friends. What better way to convey your love than sending out tokens of gratitude in the form of perfect wedding gifts. 


Themed wedding gifts

If you decide to go for a fairytale or vintage themed wedding, your gift bag could include scented candles or potpourri along with antique-inspired items of mirrors, lanterns, photo frames or a classic showpiece. The gift bag for this could be a basket or a nice tote bag that highlights the wedding theme in subtle fashion.


Classic wedding gifts

In case you and your partner prefer classic and elegant items, you could always choose to pamper your wedding guests with an expensive bottle of wine, and a collection of chocolates or biscotti. This will be ideal for a gift bag if you happen to have a great budget. Handcrafted cardboard wine bottle holders are easily available in the markets and you can add a complementary printed bag full of chocolates. 


Traditional Wedding Gifts

 You can choose to embrace your culture and go traditional with sending off Indian items in your gift bags. These could include branded jars of pickles, assorted variety of Indian sweets, a collection of expensive tea bags like Assamese tea leaves and beautiful little sculptures of Indian art and craft origin. One could always add saris and shawls into these wedding gift bags. 

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Personalized Wedding Gifts

Perhaps you’d like your guests to carry with them a small reminder or a piece of memory that you and your partner hold close. This could be any particular book that you two exchanged and selected bottles of perfume or souvenirs from a place where the two of you had a travel adventure. Avoid putting in heavily personalized wedding gifts that explicitly have wedding pictures printed on the bag or the items so that your guests can use them later as well. You can use classic tote bags to go put the gifts in.


Daily Essentials

Take a cue from the season and stock your wedding guests with body essentials like pashminas, toiletries, and collection of flavored lip balms. Many beauty and bath essential outlets provide packages and a wide array of options to choose from. You can use these gift bags on destination weddings. Ideally, a tote bag would work to put in these daily essentials and provide cooler vibe to the gift bag. 


A beautifully assorted arrangement of gifts and nicely crafted gift bags never go out of style. Spell gratitude in your words and gift away. 


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