Check Out This Quirky Photo-Booth Themed Wedding By Dream Decor Studio

Your search for offbeat and eccentric wedding decor ideas ends here with Dream Decor Studio! Dream Decor Studio clubs their industry experience with the clients’ preferences to create quirky and unconventional wedding decor masterpieces.

Author: Nikita-wadi | Updated: November 29, 2018 5:11 IST

Dream Decor Studio was incorporated with the vision to design and host resplendent events attuned to perfection as per the latest decor trends and client preferences. The exclusive boutique agency masters at creating custom-made decor ‘tour de forces’ for your wedding and other grand celebrations. Their distinct style of executing joyous celebrations for the clients has helped them create a mark in the industry.


Dream Decor Studio has been able to attain an elite and sophisticated clientele due to their perfection at hosting dreamy weddings of luxurious calibre, for their clients. The trendy decor designs are envisioned to narrate the dreamy fairytale of their clients.


Decor props are the new ‘ins’ this wedding season. Photo-booths are the quirkiest addition to the list and helps to add the required fervour to your D-day celebrations. Dream Decor Studio recently organised a photo-booth themed wedding for one of their clients. The clients were mesmerised at the first sight and gave a commendable feedback. Also, the trendy decor idea deniftely became the highlight of the grand event.


Take A Closer Look At The Trendy and Quirky Photo-Booths:


1. Colour-Blitzed Photo-Booth:

This colour-bombarded photo-booth was definitely the highlight of the wedding . The outburst of colours were sure to provide the required ‘kinkiness’ to the otherwise bland wedding images.


Dream Decor Studio


2. Floral Photo-Booth:

This floral photo-booth is the perfect backdrop for every wedding photograph. For all the day-time weddings and other celebrations, floral photo-booths work the best.


Dream Decor Studio


3. Garland Photo-Booth:

Garlands are characteristic of  ‘happy’ and ‘gleeful’ occasions. A garland photo-booth at your wedding is sure to give your guests, a ‘trend alert’ for wedding decor ideas.


Dream Decor Studio


4. Selfie Mirror Booth:

Selfie-mirror booths are amongst the latest decor modes to take the wedding industry by storm. While the young ‘selfie-addicted’guests at the wedding may not be otherwise ceremoniously engaged in the ceremonies, a selfie-dedicated wall with differently-shaped mirrors is sure to get them involved.


Dream Decor Studio


5. Textured Umbrella Photo-Booth:

A colourful umbrella photo-booth circumferenced by lovely aromatic flowers at your wedding is confirmed to set some real wedding goals for the guests. The vibrant booth is the perfect backdrop for all the candid clicks.


Dream Decor Studio


Dream Decor Studio has been able to set a mark in its field with veritable perfection and grace. Its decor is the highlight of all events. Even the one showcased above won the hearts of not only their clients, but also the guests at the wedding.




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