Emotions All Parents Go Through When Their Daughter Gets Married

For the parents, the wedding day of their daughter is one of the most momentous milestones of their life.

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For the parents, the wedding day of their daughter is one of the most momentous milestones of their life. The day is ridden with a jumble of sentiments and emotions are running high, not just for the bride but also her parents. ‘Bittersweet’ though very oxymoronic, is possibly the best word to describe it. It’s hard enough for parents to watch their little princess grow up imagine what feelings will go through them when watching her getting married, to know that she is leaving her life with them behind and start her own path, that they would no longer see her every day or watch her grow up, or share meals, to dote on her.


Utter bewilderment

While they may be preparing themselves for that moment for months that does not, however, mean that they are quite ready for it. Utter bafflement and shock, that’s the first stop on the long ride of the emotional rollercoaster. To see their princess all dressed up in her wedding ensemble, looking so beautiful, that’s when reality hits them like a truck, that their daughter is no longer a little girl, and they are about to witness the start of her journey of womanhood.




And then comes the waterworks when a buttload of nostalgia rushes in. Wasn’t it just yesterday, when they held her tiny bundled body in the hospital, when she took her first steps, when she trotted off to school or when they taught her to ride a bicycle and when she graduated.



Then comes the reluctant acceptance with the realisation of the harsh, painful and inevitable truth; that’s the beauty of life, no matter how hard they want to grab tight to their precious gift, they need to let her go. And when they do, each step she takes away from them helps her transform into her own unique woman, it strengthens her and hardens her to embrace life, her journey, not theirs where she was swaddled in a protective cocoon.


The battle of the heart and mind.

They take a moment to grieve and then gather themselves because that’s what parents do and have always done, to look out for their little girl and do their best to bring her nothing but happiness and love even if it hurts them in the process. So they brace themselves to be her supports, they know that she needs it now more than ever before, when is about to take her steps towards the big, scary, uncertain future.


Pride, joy and love

Now empowered by the love for their daughter, a new zeal sets in as they realize it’s better to celebrate these moments rather than mope around. Though tinged with sadness; pride, joy and extreme amounts of love gushes out of them. From bragging about their precious beauty to friends and relatives, to spouting words of wisdom to their daughter, they decide to make the best out of this important day. They finally give away their princess’s hand with grace & lots and lots of love, to watch her become a queen.


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