6 Entertainers You Need to Have At Your Wedding To Kickstart Fun

Try these super cool entertainers for your wedding to kick-start a whole new level of shenanigans. Find out to know more

Author: Tirnasengupta | Updated: January 15, 2016 7:01 IST

All that money spent to get the perfect décor and invitations, and all that makeup did after cutting loose your purse strings, a wedding is still a dull wedding if you can’t make it come to life for your guests. Give them something awesome in return for showing up to bless you with a lifetime of happiness.
Try these super cool entertainers for your wedding to kick-start a whole new level of shenanigans. 

1. Stand-up comedians

Picture a loud stream of laughs among the crowd after the standup comedian delivers their best punch lines. Now, there’s nothing better than everyone having a good time and later some left over jokes to discuss. Get your guests rolling by hiring these witty and hilarious entertainers.

2. Flash mob

An element of surprise and a load of fun involving everybody in the crowd – flash mobs are a hit ever since the trend started and it delivers just the right kind of dosage a wedding needs to kick start the madness.

3. Magicians

No, we are not talking about the jutta-chori tradition; this act will be performed by pros to fill in the gap between ceremonies. Keep your guests occupied and entertained at weddings. This can be a good way to keep their minds off you so you could enjoy your day in full rhythm.

4. Fortune Tellers

Again, do not mistake this with the Rishta aunties who are setting targets in the family of which person gets married next. Give an edge to their gossip by hiring some good fortune tellers and keeping them entertained.

7. Photo booths

No wedding is complete without photography. Install a quirky photo-booth and throw in some props to create the best wedding album that will reminisce beautiful memories. This is also a good option to keep the kids occupied at weddings.

8. Budding Musicians & Bands 

Your favourite band or musician can really kick up a notch at your wedding when it comes to entertainment. Along with the game of charades and never ending songs sung during antakshari, how about adding karaoke to your list?

Making funny memories are better than making memes! Try it this wedding season. If you have other cool entertainment ideas for weddings, then drop in your comments below. 

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