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-Sumanya sehgal

Antoine de Saint-Exupery has very rightly said: “A GOAL without a PLAN is just a wish”. Though he must have said it in a broader aspect but if we narrow it a little and circumscribe it to only weddings then it should have been like this “A PLAN without a GOAL is just a wish”.

That is what wedding is all about and that is what wedding planning accounts of. The wedding world in the global scenario accords a higher status to the wedding planners because of their ability to plan and fulfill the goal eventually. When you have all the wedding arrangements sorted, all you are left with is to be a barrel of laughs with your wedding gang! is known to serve you with such vigorous, dynamic, energetic and peppy wedding planners who are special in their own sense and know how to make it all look heaven to you. This time, it is, Espresso Events, a wedding planning unit who are not only disciplined about their work but they even live and breathe their work.

Espresso Events is the first event company in Saurashtra region of Gujarat and have an experience of 12+ years in the field of wedding planning and have covered 100+ weddings till now. They plan the weddings all around the country and have worked in cities like Mumbai, Rajkot, Surat, Udaipur and Jaipur.

They believe in planning that is couple choice-friendly and focuses majorly on the management of the marriage. They believe that management and success is a step by step progress that first includes getting aware about the requirements of the couple, then planning and making a mind map of how what should be done, followed by bringing the plan into action.

They specialize in ground planning, the overall layout of the wedding arrangements, the seating system, and the food outlets. They also cater to coruscating wedding decors that it would force you to do a double take. Another specialization of ‘Espresso Events’ is the in-house design studio that makes them stand apart from the crowd.

Like ‘Espresso Events’ has expressed “We are one of those wedding planners who transform your dreams into reality”, you are not going to experience disappointment from their side.

So, if any of your wedding dreams are still left unfulfilled, then, you surely need to book ‘ESPRESSO EVENTS’, on, this very moment.

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Posted on: March 16, 2017 planner,wedding planner,bride,groom,jaipur,udaipur,guest,food,wedding decor,espresso events,wedding,lights,decorations


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