5 Fashion Tips Every Indian Groom Must Keep In Mind

This one is exclusively for all the grooms out there who are desperately in search for that perfect look for their wedding.

Author: Alice | Updated: February 17, 2017 5:18 IST

- Sumanya Sehgal


This one is exclusively for all the grooms out there who are in search of that perfect look for their wedding. 

By look, we infer the attires that may be considered by them on their wedding day. It is just not the brides who love to travel the new side, but the grooms as well. Adorn His is one such stop for all the to-be- bridegrooms where they can find everything unconventional and trending. It is you who dream and it is them (Adorn His) who fulfil it.

1. When we talk about trends and styles, we think outside the box. Adorn His offers you a wide range of men’s wear which is not the obsolete fashion wherein grooms go for a normal, regular sherwani but is unique and unusual. They bring forward the clothing styles like that of layering, asymmetrical designs and focus on the contemporary traditional ethnic Indian wear.


2. The grooms nowadays do not want to go for a proper traditional Indian wear rather look forward to a beautiful blend of Indian and western style, called as Indo-western clothing. So, Adorn His is one such brand that is going to make you look extremely handsome and elite by providing you with a classy indo-western outfit.



3. Adorn His provides you with clothes that are though in the conventional colours like for example, black, beige or blue but are used in an amazingly cool manner with the blending of different colours, a mix of the conventional with the unconventional.


4. Just like you love to experiment with your buy, they too believe in experimenting and playing with colours, cuts and designs. They cater to your needs and take into account all your requirements like for example, providing you with the clothes of your measurement and serve all age brackets (15-60 years).


5. Well, we assure you that, if you choose Adorn His, they will not let you go empty handed. They provide you with clothing varying from a range of your normal Diwali party to your own wedding. And they are known to deliver you on time rather beforehand.

So, all the going to be bridegrooms, take out your devices and shop Adorn His for your extravagant and extra special wedding. 

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